Reptiles in the Donaukanal

The Donaukanal is a river which flows through the middle of the city of Vienna. When we were walking next to it, we were a bit surprised when we noticed a huge reptile bathing in the sun at the bank of the canal. Luckily I had my camera with me: After I took that picture, I slowly approached that thing. It was quite big (as not very recognizable on the pic) and - unbelievable - fast! It immediatly jumped into the water like a lightning bolt and disappeard instantly. Truely a Donalkanal-Ninja-Turtle.

seven comments, already:

Wow! we should name the turtle Donatello. ;)
juantar - 01 06 06 - 17:41

It’s about time Irrlicht has a mascot!
Mike - 01 06 06 - 19:38

...that shine coming off it’s shell.. is that a shader effect or just fixed function specular? ;)

Nice texture too. ahem
draper (link) - 01 06 06 - 20:16

thats it.. Irrlicht… lightning fast 3D engine… just like Turtles from Vienna! :P
[RabidLockerGnome] (link) - 01 06 06 - 22:20

When I was in Hawaii we went scuba diving in a location known for its giant turtles. They are really really really fast underwater I had a lot of trouble keeping up with them and I am a really good swimmer and I have a nice set of fins.

They were pretty big as well the shells were about three feet long.
TSM - 02 06 06 - 04:54

turtles are cool…
dK (link) - 02 06 06 - 12:16

oh, I remember! I hope the big CUTE donaukanal turtle is still alive! :)
dani - 02 06 06 - 13:46

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