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For those who didn't know: This is my blog. My own very personal small piece of the www. I am blogging here whatever comes to my mind. If you don't like it, just don't read this blog. Simple as that. :)

nine comments, already:

If you write it because of some of the comments on your last “Bush is a war criminal” entry, may be they can look a
herve - 10 05 06 - 22:55

(sorry for the aborted comment)
If you write it because of some of the comments on your last “Bush is a war criminal” entry, may be they can look at this movie : Loose Change 2nd Edition

It is called “Loose Change 2nd Edition” and the idea (obviously) is that all 9/11 attacks were devised and executed by the U.S. government, not Al Quaida. OK, this sounds sort of deja vu paranoid theory, but… after seing it, all that paranoid theory seems possible
herve - 10 05 06 - 23:04

just finish the god damn editor!
he he
that was a joke.
but anyways finish it, it is an order, soldier!
ha ha

biotech - 10 05 06 - 23:41

yeah, loose change 2nd edition -> kicks ass!
biotech - 10 05 06 - 23:43

Yeah, but Niko, you also enabled comments. And those are our comments. This whole thing is “Take it or leave it” all the way. :)
Baal Cadar - 11 05 06 - 00:43

We all love you niko! Lug loves you too. :P
lug - 11 05 06 - 02:05

no need to say dude, thats implied i thought. its your blog, so say whatever you want. and since you have enabled comments, we will feel free to respond. if one of our comments really bothers you, well i guess you can remove it. its your blog after all, but still, people have different ideas. its what makes us people.
buhatkj - 11 05 06 - 02:07

I dislike this post. Delete it!
Matthias - 12 05 06 - 09:25

Your blog is your home is your freezone – as far as I am concerned, at least.
Calling it “” is a bit unlucky, though. The irrlicht engine is an internationally accepted technical project (well, yes, I think it is). And as such, it should be separated from your very own private comments, IMHO.
No matter if it is mainly you, working on it ;-P
miq - 13 05 06 - 22:52

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