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When people periodically post new blog entries, and suddenly stop doing this, they usually have a lot to do in their real, private life. I stopped blogging last week, because of another reason - don't think that I've got a private life! :)
The reason is that - I think maybe because of the holidays - I'm currently getting flooded by Irrlicht releated mails. I can understand it, in winter, especially before Xmas, I'm usually playing more games and then get a bit inspired by their graphics, and tempted to write a small game or 3D app for myself. So it looks like other people do this too, and the result is masses of mails coming to my inbox. And I am unable to answer them all and getting a guilty conscience when I am creating a new blog entry but haven't answered all mails yet. But prior to not blogging anything and wishing you happy holidays - I'm going to be in the deep deep internetless and snowy mountains of Austria for some days - I'm simply not answering all. So sorry if you are reading this, but didn't get an answer yet.
Happy holidays.

irrlicht xmas

The picture is a logo I created 2 or 3 years ago, when I whished happy holidays on :)

eight comments, already:

Hi Niko!


...on behalf of all Team-Members here at Tucan Entertainment.

P.S.: Have Fun with your snowy mountains ;-) and return home safely!
[Duncan Mac Leod] (link) - 22 12 05 - 01:26

nej - 22 12 05 - 13:30

thx :)
niko - 22 12 05 - 16:54

happy holidays :-)
John (link) - 22 12 05 - 20:33

Merry newyear! im leaving to the snowy mountains tomorrow :D
Armen138 - 22 12 05 - 23:45

Jan_ - 23 12 05 - 11:57

Merry Christmas!
TSM - 25 12 05 - 21:50

Happy New Year.

Eric (link) - 27 12 05 - 21:16

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