Sometimes I'm evil

I just sent out this mail (names and adresses modified). Usually I won't post stuff like this, but I cannot resist as this is nearly the 200th mail of this type I got.

Dear President of DarkGoth-Games Entertainment,
to use Irrlicht, you must learn to code C++.

President of,

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2005 5:01 PM
Subject: From DarkGoth-Games Entertainment

> I downloaded Irrlicht to try and make our game
> Queen of Regensburg, but after downloading I could not
> open the program. I read the ream-me file, and followed
> the 'how to start' section, but all that did was start
> the examples. What am I doing wrong,
> can you help me?
> President of DarkGoth-Games Entertainment
> John

sixteen comments, already:

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Dood - 11 12 05 - 18:07

Oops, sorry – the damn formattin’..
Dood - 11 12 05 - 18:09

poor guy, I guess everyone is like this at one point. Mabye he will take heart and learn programming?
John (link) - 11 12 05 - 18:13

wuahahahahahahahhaahhaahha…. lol….
noone - 11 12 05 - 18:50

Hehe good answer. :D
Isgalvotas - 11 12 05 - 19:49

I note the sarcastic reply to “president” and rightly so, how many wannabe bedroom coders who have never even written a function let along a game, have come up with “the next greatest thing” in game design in their head and spent all their time writing about it instead of learning how to make it first.. and then calling themselves “president”? BS I say. Just “Lead Coder of XXXXX” will do (if it is actually the case that you can CODE).

How about you introduce a test on Irrlicht forums with a basic C++ test (and I mean basic) just to cut out all the simliar kind of stuff that is asked there ten times a day!

A good example:

Note – I am not some elitist coder, I am intermediate myself and will help anyone, but they have to at least learn the basics before bothering everyone else with their way-off-base questions.

“How do I write Unreal 6?”... If you have to ask such a “top level” question, you will never make the game anyway.
Sharpfish (link) - 11 12 05 - 23:28

Well.. I guess I could send you emails as CEO/President/High God of PELPEM LLC. Since I have the actual piece of paper that says I am the one and only owner and all. =D

But I’ll settle for Mon Capitan.
Saigumi (link) - 11 12 05 - 23:50

I’m almost 100% sure he wants to make the next big MMORPG in fantasy settings with lots of skills, items and potions.
Mike - 12 12 05 - 12:50

Hi there.
I assume he thought Irr was something like 3dgamestudio, in which someone who can’t program whatsoever can ‘make’ a game.
Girvo (link) - 12 12 05 - 22:43

Lol yeah must have thought irrlicht was some sort of program not – apparently he must never have seen a sdk in his life.
Raedwulf - 13 12 05 - 09:07

Maybe he didn’t realize that this is a graphics engine and not a game engine ;-)
Maverick - 13 12 05 - 10:11

if he wanted actually to make a game and want to learn how to pragram in c++ he would never ask that kind of question anyway….these people just can not do anything only by them selfs,they always are asking somebody to help them all the way….
mirko - 13 12 05 - 15:30

i sure would like to see his game if it ever comes out….it will keep me laughing for a substantial amount of time i think…
Esaptonor (link) - 14 12 05 - 09:09

lol idiots gay fags. lol… sometimes when you are NEW to a certian thing you might not understand or know the bascis of that thing… lol it happens
passerby - 21 12 05 - 00:23

say you are the greatest artist alive and you try to do 3d modeling (first day after illigaly downloading a 3d program)... it will take the artist (me) atleast a month to understand the concept of 3d art (modeling) + the technical/tools of 3d. and then another month to master 3d art as a whole
passerby - 21 12 05 - 00:36

ill bitch and bug people and make them realy pissed off and even make them hate noobs just so that i can learn quickly and dont have to do all the blood-and-sweat research… but the bad thing is that people will usualy never help lol

byby expereinced bastards. im going to be using irrlicht because it appears to be realy powerful – so says the author
passerby - 21 12 05 - 00:47

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