BerliOS Developer Project Denied

I wanted to register irrlicht at BerliOS to get a subversion server. Result:
Due to resource limitations we cannot support
more games or game frameworks.
The BerliOS Crew
*Gna*, I don't even complain anymore that nobondy seems to understand the difference between a 3D engine and a game engine. Reminds me on the fact that really lots of people think that game programmers are no real programmers. :( Looks like I'll have to wait for sourceforge to offer subversion or more likely: I'm going to suffer using cvs for that time.

ten comments, already:

You could try
Christoph (link) - 04 12 05 - 11:52

irrlicht? cvs? is the sky falling?
Armen138 - 04 12 05 - 12:45

no hell is freezing
terefang - 04 12 05 - 13:49

Funny thing: I was trying to use for a game using irrlicht just last night.
Really cool site – no size or bandwidth limitations.
But until now they didn’ send me a email.
No idea why.
Alexander (link) - 04 12 05 - 14:00

I’m using opensvn for a small plugin but it works great. You also have the ability to use trac and all this for zero bucks.

The registration takes some time, I think I got mine after about two days.
Christoph (link) - 04 12 05 - 14:15

i use too. the only free svn server i found. but it seems they have sometimes bandwith problems, cause so many projects are hosted.
maik (link) - 05 12 05 - 17:14

thx for the suggestions, I’ve decided to use the sourceforge cvs server for now, lets hope they will enable subversion soon :)
niko - 05 12 05 - 22:11

Armin Ronacher (link) - 06 12 05 - 17:45

even CVS is better than nothing for the moment. thanks for that!
[The Anaconda] - 09 12 05 - 04:14

Maybe you can get an account at They support svn.
maik (link) - 11 12 05 - 21:27

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