Open Source 3D Software Rasterizer

Take a look at this:

Maybe you already have seen this. Not impressive, right? Then take a closer look. Right. This is rendered in pure software. No 3D hardware needed. I just released Irrlicht 0.14.0, and it includes a full software rasterizer, contributed by Thomas Alten. Very kool. So, if you are looking for a stable, usable, free, open source 3D software renderer, Irrlicht is now an option.

18 comments, already:

It’s X-mas eve!
But what about Irrlicht 0.13?
(quite a run for this release, downloading at 4kb…;)
MasterD - 30 11 05 - 22:15

you aren’t superstitious, are you? ;-)
flizzo - 30 11 05 - 22:32

WOW!!! Niko, you just made my month! :)
Sharpfish (link) - 30 11 05 - 23:51

You are amazing! I love irrlicht for what it’s worth. Right now I am developing a platform game with it and I really like it. Skipping .13 was a very good idea if it has that much new food. Now, I just need to get my hands on the new version…...
Pate Krysler - 01 12 05 - 00:43

You should put a message on the main page too ;-)
cmoibenlepro - 01 12 05 - 01:55

Forget it, you’ve done it…
OMG it’s too good! Thanks Niko!
cmoibenlepro - 01 12 05 - 02:15

lol I think I’m one of the first ones to have it all downloaded.

looks great! off to compile it for x64
[The Anaconda] - 01 12 05 - 02:21

I don’t mean to incite anyone, but who uses a software renderer anymore. Every new computer since probably 1999 includes some sort of 3d card, even cell phones support hardware grapics iirc
Robo - 01 12 05 - 02:44

Software fallback is very handy for older sytems (read casual shareware market main target) but I am not getting in to that discussion again ;) it is there and it may be useful if not then just cut it out of your custom build! :)

now.. where is that fix for loading MY3D from an archive correctly! ? ;)
Sharpfish (link) - 01 12 05 - 03:15

oh, having said that – it is still only useful for non-demanding games (2d for example) because you need a fast CPU to run it well – but there happens to be a few pcs out there with fast-ish CPUS and rubbish gpus!!
Sharpfish (link) - 01 12 05 - 03:28

alot of prebuilt systems such as dell and compaq sell do not have a gpu worth even looking at, so it is good that they have an option of using a software renderer
stampsm - 01 12 05 - 04:51

hi ,niko,very good.i like .
d3dworld - 01 12 05 - 15:29

@stampsm: even when its just a geforce 4mx or geforce2 in a dell system it would still be WAY faster than crappy software mode
gfxstyler - 01 12 05 - 16:31

Even intel integrated XTreme integrated graphics are better then shitty software mode
Robo - 01 12 05 - 17:18

the applesoft renderer is already faster than D3D-Software
no reason to call it shitty…
have you ever played irrlicht on iPAQ?. now it rocks;-)
engineer-appletree - 01 12 05 - 17:41

Coding a good, fast software renderer is an artform. There are no pixels missing in the image above, it’s VERY well done. Of course you may call it shit, if you can do better, show us ;)
mark - 02 12 05 - 05:00

That’s really great if you can use it for handhelds and limited platforms. But I tried irrlicht’s Quake3 map demo with the new renderer. I get ugly pixels between triangles everywhere. Also it’s still too slow for an AMD 2GHz. swShader is way ahead of this! Not meant to discourage, I stll think your new renderer is useful.
jakob - 02 12 05 - 08:56

Oh thats a great addition for sure. Meh, I was using 0.13 just a while ago. I am always recompiling irrlicht with the newest version. So if you wonder where .13 was well… it was there. xD
Irrlicht is rocking. I am loving to work with it.
Artenius - 03 12 05 - 02:44

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