Alcohol is the root of all evil. I think I'm going to stop drinking this stuff for some time. At least until New Year's Eve. :-) I wanted to do soo much things at the weekend. An Irrlicht release. Learn for the next exam. Answer mails. And I wasn't able to do anything, just because of the after-effects of this evil fluid.
Hm, I think I remember that I even met some of my coworkers that evening. And I think I remember that I was in a condition where I wasn't even able to speak anything meaningful. Hopefully their memory on this is as bad as mine. ;)

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join the club :)
def (link) - 28 11 05 - 23:09

yeah i know alcohol make you say really crappy things lol its evil!!!! i hope that this does not stop you to release the new irrlicht soon :) i cant wait i cant wait im like a little kid at christmas eve :D
gfxstyler - 28 11 05 - 23:10

Did I read you right??? An IRRLICHT RELEASE!!! come on man, do it do it now! :)
Sharpfish (link) - 29 11 05 - 00:03

[Duncan Mac Leod] (link) - 29 11 05 - 00:50

more development time = better irrlicht release

also, spintz just released his new irrlicht spintz version with 8 texture support, so if niko would take a look at it and maybe uses some of spintz code in original irrlicht i dont care if the irrlicht release is released now or next month! just be patient :)
gfxstyler - 29 11 05 - 01:38

I say drink more. The higher your tolerance, the faster your recovery. When I was in my prime, I could wake up at 10AM, drink till 2AM, pass out somewhere, and do it again, day after day. Now, I have work responsibilities, nagging wife syndrome and all that other good shit that comes with growing up, and my tolerance sucks, so 1 day/night of drinking any I’m useless for at least 2 days after!
spintz (link) - 29 11 05 - 14:24

hehe :)
niko - 29 11 05 - 22:03

just eat more fat before drinking.

2-3 asskicking hot kebab should do the job.
terefang - 30 11 05 - 18:49


smoke and code !

terefang - 30 11 05 - 18:50

@terefang: do we know each other ? ;-)
[Duncan Mac Leod] (link) - 02 12 05 - 00:44

@duncan: look at http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/v..
terefang - 02 12 05 - 10:17

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