World maps

Originally, I only wanted to post a boring world map of places I've already vistited. Like martin and ak did. I'll do it nevertheless:

I cut down some maps from world66 because I thought a big red half of a continent on the left part of the world map would not be representative just because I visited some few states in the USA. But here is a map which is a lot cooler, a shot of the recently created irrlicht user map:

If you are using Irrlicht, please add yourself, would be interesting. It is free and not necessary to register yourself for this. For example poor afecelis currently is the only one representing south america. :)

nine comments, already:

done, very close to you :)
terefang - 21 11 05 - 22:17

only one from serbia,hehe ;-)
biotech - 21 11 05 - 22:24

yes,very good idea,i have added myself place,

niko,wish you work happy,i believe you create a mightiness irrlicht . myth is continue … we expect …
d3dworld - 22 11 05 - 02:48

wow, cool to see that it has taken off now! :) must be cool for niko to see how his creation gets used all around the globe.
irrlichtusermapcreator - 22 11 05 - 09:59

Only ohne from Switzerland. :(
avi - 22 11 05 - 10:24

Who’s the one there by Cancun? I’m moving in!!!!
spintz (link) - 22 11 05 - 13:28

lol funny, i posted such a boring map on my blog too yesterday… amazing how everybody seems to surf the same sites these days…
def (link) - 22 11 05 - 23:06

Unfortunately, I’m only one Irrlicht user from Lithuania. :(
Isgalvotas - 23 11 05 - 17:50

heheheh…. I’m still alone! but many are around me to help me out! buuuuuuuahahahahhahahhahaha ;-)
afecelis - 29 11 05 - 13:53

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