Rendering 2D stuff in 3D

Here's a small screenshot for the weekend, showing another feature I'm planning for the next release of Irrlicht:

It's nothing special, just the ability to render 2D stuff into textures. The consequence is that you will be also able to render the 2D GUI into a texture and draw this again in 3D space for example. You can do some funny things with this, here's a small program I've written using this feature, a UML class diagram in 3D :)

eight comments, already:

Very cool. Presumably you can map this texture to an object and make it do anything you like in 3D space, e.g. rotate, move, etcetera. Even shoot at it, if you have that kind of game :-)

I have not seen this feature in any commercial game or app. yet.
evo - 18 11 05 - 20:49

This’ll make for some real fun GUI’s!
Conquistador - 18 11 05 - 23:49

Ooooh that’s cool!
Anaconda - 18 11 05 - 23:49

it look very good,l like this feature,i wait for irrlicht 0.13 release,it’s so cool.
d3dworld - 19 11 05 - 00:55

I could really use this feature for a project I’m working on. Hate to bother you but, any idea when it will be ready?
WhiteNoise (link) - 19 11 05 - 04:25

I think it’s time for a release date!
cmoibenlepro - 19 11 05 - 04:57

It will be better than WinVista. And it duns under linux too :)
irkab1rka - 19 11 05 - 21:43

That would be right – I just finished implementing this in my engine branch! I developed it for an Uplink-like GUI that could be “spun” into view as needed…

Although the UML diagram project interests me very muvh :)
Eternl Knight - 20 11 05 - 01:59

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