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After my blog post yesterday, a few people seemed to be interested in it, and asked for more details. Being used to cut a lot of family videos recently, I was able to create this trailer for my latest political simulation game 'Government Simulator' within just an hour:

I think it still looks ok, though. At least it shows pretty well within one minute what the game is and how it works. I even created the music myself, ha. Hope you like it.

nine comments, already:

Interesting! How did you make that music?
cherill - 09 10 17 - 14:45

You’re a talented musician.

Here are a few ideas for the goals of the game:

1. If players pass one year without serious problems happening in the world, they will receive a few points.

2. One of the rewards could be called “Loved by the Majority”, and the description will say “Making everyone happy is impossible, but the majority of people agree with your policies and rules. You are the best overall option for humanity.”
wild master - 09 10 17 - 16:11

haha niko you crazy bastard, you’ve done it again. :)
Tim - 09 10 17 - 16:34

Thanks, wild master and tim :)

About the music: It’s just selecting a few sounds from the right sound pool and clicking them together with a sound sampler software, so nothing really difficult.
niko - 10 10 17 - 05:29

May I ask which software you use for the music?
Sebastian - 11 10 17 - 19:51

It’s called Magix Music Maker, I think there is even a free edition available now
niko - 12 10 17 - 14:45

I always thought our politicians could be replaced by software. You now essentially made this software. Just have it iterate all possible outcomes of a decision and choose the best outcome for the common folks. Bam, there you have it, some real democracy, without the costly overhead of a gov :-)
Lenx - 22 10 17 - 15:16

Have you ever played the game Democracy?
Seeing your game just reminded me of it, even though I’ve never played it.
Lukas (link) - 28 10 17 - 09:40

No, but some of the beta testers apparently have, at least they are mentioning that game all the time :)
niko - 30 10 17 - 07:22

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