Generated Furniture vs. Placed Models

In PostCollapse, the world is generated procedurally, including the furniture inside the houses. For simplicity, I simply generated cubes with some textures on them, which looked a bit like cupboards:

But to be honest, this didn't look and feel very good. So last weekend, I played a bit around and changed this with placed pregenerated 3D models instead. Now the interiours of the houses will look much better (for small values of 'better'):

The two screenshots are from the exact same room. I think I'll be able to live with that. I'll improve this still a bit, and then this will be included in the next update of the game.

five comments, already:

Nice! But will be awesome if some features like inventory can be make in CopperCube, but without programming…
rolevix (Vitaliy) - 21 02 17 - 18:02

Looks cozy inside now. Add a rainstorm outside and it might be even more cozy.
Tim - 22 02 17 - 14:51

I tried irredit 10 years ago. And my difficulty is I can’t perceive depth. I can’t remember why because it was long ago. I forgot if it is because of lighting or transformation and I can’t perceive depth. But loading the output to irrlicht does not have this problem.

Is it so much better now with CopperCube?
Mishelle - 24 02 17 - 07:14

Since I can perceive depth, this is difficult to tell for me. Best would be to just try it out? Would have probably taken as long as writing that comment :D
niko - 25 02 17 - 03:59

@Mishelle Sounds like it was set to orthographic instead of perspective.
Wesley - 26 02 17 - 13:08

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