I want to believe

I used to be an atheist, but now I've found the true church - the church of the fsm.

(Yes, in my opinion ID sucks, and I cannot believe people are really that stupid.)

fourteen comments, already:

“Our heaven is WAY better. We’ve got a Stripper Factory AND a Beer Volcano. ”

God bless. Or is it, Flying Spaghetti Monster bless.
Spintz - 18 10 05 - 19:24

I have one question:
When you see a painting that looks really nice or interesting one would assume someone made that painting not that it just fell into place by itself, correct?

If you would assume that then why would you not assume that when you see a person with billions and billions of cells grouped together(Which consist of trillions and trillions of atoms grouped together) into a working unit far more complex that of a painting that something or someone made that person? Or are we to belive that we just happened to fall into place?

Saying that there is not Intelligent Design of our universe is just like saying “Oh well the mona lisa is just some paint that happened to spill and mix on a canvas in that pattern and was not made by a person”

TSM - 19 10 05 - 00:06

not trying to start a religious debate. I just had the question as was curious about peoples response. :)
TSM - 19 10 05 - 00:16

TSM: well, if an unintelligent being cannot comprehend what you’re saying then would that being be excluded from intelligent design?
lug - 19 10 05 - 04:12

he he he
TSM - 19 10 05 - 05:15

I’m that stupid.
[Declassified] - 19 10 05 - 06:50

i must also be that stupid niko ;)
here is a stupid link for ya :
nej - 19 10 05 - 13:16

putting a creature on this planet that will eventually destroy it?
not very intelligent if you ask me.
Armen138 - 19 10 05 - 13:41

TSM: this kind of reasoning is called the “teleological argument”, and has been disproven already (although IDers don’t accept this, just like they don’t accept many concepts of science [like “theory”, “proof” and “falsifiability”] and try to get their meanings of all this established).

In my opinion, this argument is just silly, as it shows nothing more than the limitied imagination of the person believing in it. And in the context of religion, this argument is pure decadance, because those who defend it also think that they are wise enough to recognize God’s plans in these matters.
ak (link) - 19 10 05 - 15:55

intelligent design is a concept of ignorance! postulating a higher mysterious intelligence controlling nature = accepting not asking any questions anymore. back to the dark ages! way to go! the mona lisa comparison is laughable…
spaghetti monster - 19 10 05 - 16:02

I discovered that site a couple weeks ago and since then I am a pastafarian :p.

TSM: There is nothing “intelligent” in our creation and life at all. I suggest you read the book “Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins and it will make you think about it. Life is just an ongoing process started by a chemical structure we call genes. What created the universe is another question (and there are certain facts that suggest it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster).
Mike - 19 10 05 - 17:34

whether there was an intelligent force behind the creation of life or not, calling other people’s beliefs “stupid” is not very nice.

plus: the flying spaghetti monster is made of spaghetti, but people invented spaghetti, but the FSM supposedly created people!! Paradox, therefore, not true
buhatkj - 21 10 05 - 23:33

Not a paradox at all! People made spaghetti after the FSM because its looks inspired them to make spaghetti. There would be no spaghetti if there would be no Spaghetti Monster.
Mike - 22 10 05 - 15:08

lug - 25 10 05 - 04:53

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