Well, that was fast. My game was just greenlit today: I will polish the game quite a bit and refine and beta test it before launching on Steam, so this will take a while. But this is great news! Thanks for all the support and to all the people voting for the game!

six comments, already:

Was interesting to watch this whole steam thing, thanks. Also… no mac version?? lots of mac users. once you go mac you never go back!
Tim - 29 07 16 - 21:13

Mac is a possibility too, but not very high priority for now. I created lots of software for Mac, but IMO Apple doesnt really care for the developers.
niko - 04 08 16 - 04:50

Who cares what Apple thinks, make a mac version anyways. By the way… this game is fantasic. I purchased a copy and have been playing the webgl version. After some nervous exploring for a few days I finally found a hammer for my nails, and decided to build a small shelter only to realize i needed a saw. Finally found a saw in a recreational vehicle and made some boards from the wood i got from cutting down a few trees the day before. Then I built my shelter and it was satisfiying. I like how I can just close the browser, then later open it and just click ‘continue last game’. Keep up the good work.
Tim - 06 08 16 - 12:41

Thanks, nice that you liked it so far :)
niko - 09 08 16 - 16:24

Pfff Mac sales are not worth the effort of converting. Trust me, I did it with my game.

People buy Macs now for e-mail and web surfing. If they really want to play games they Boot Camp into Windows.

I guess Tim is over 40 years old, they’re the only ones evangelizing for Mac nowadays.
Mac dev - 12 08 16 - 11:05

Mac user here. I once wanted to install boot camp on my iMac to play Smite which is Windows only. Then it hit me.

Why even bother ? There are countless great games on steam for Macos.

I bought my iMac to make 3D art and use the most resource heavy game engine, Unreal. Sure not as fast as a pc but I would not change iMac monitor for any GPU or cpu or both on the planet. iMac monitor makes everything look awesome including games and I don’t even own the 5k version.

I bought my iMac to avoid windoom, not install it. If I wanted windoom I would have bought a pc. Sure if I was so desperate I would go boot camp, but with so many options out there for games and software I never felt the need to.

On the other hand I do understand the game and software developers that want to bypass a OS that captures only 3-4% of the market. But in the end I am a Mac fanboy with some tolerance for Linux and zero tolerance for windoom.
DIMITRI - 13 08 16 - 00:26

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