Poll for upcoming new features in CopperCube

I started a poll on twitter in order to see what people would be most interested in having in an update for the 3D game engine CopperCube. So far, it looks like most people want a better looking, high tech 3d renderer:

I'm surprised that there isn't that much interest for a Linux port. Because this would also mean that your games would then run on a Steam Machine, for example. But let's see, the poll is still 6 days to run. My personal favorite would be OpenVR / HTC Vive support. Not only because that would mean that I had a good excuse to buy one, but because it would really be pretty cool to be able to quickly create VR environments for that hardware with just a few clicks.
You can vote for your most wanted feature right here. Note that this is just a poll. I'd like to see how much interest is there for each of these features. This doesn't mean that any of those features will be implemented. But yes, of course, it is likely that some of those will.

Update: Final result is now 46% Linux support, 11% OpenVR support and 43% DirectX support.

five comments, already:

You can still implement OpenVR even when it’s not the most voted feature :)
alwyn () - 15 03 16 - 07:38

True :)
niko - 15 03 16 - 08:14

So of the 14 people voting 1 wants Linux support. Maybe one of the other 13 would want it as well, but only as second choice after DirectX 12, which would have put Linux and Open VR on par…

Either way I think it is unlikely to often revisit some engine that didn’t support your preferred target platform to see whether they are asking if they should add support for it.

And anyways, 14 votes hardly makes for a significant result anyways, so I’d go and implement what I’d like… :)
xaos - 15 03 16 - 12:54

It’s now day two, and we already have 31 votes, so a bit better already (39% Linux, 10% OpenVR, 51% new renderer)
niko - 16 03 16 - 02:29

Are these magical extra votes from Coppercube customers?

You have 37 votes, and most of the Linux ones came in after you basically asked Linux fans to come in and rig the vote.

If you had planned to make a Linux version all along, and are just trying to get free publicity, then you are a genius.

If you now make a Linux version because a handful of people who won’t even buy your software have voted just to promote their favorite OS, then you are the opposite of a genius.
Are You Kidding - 26 03 16 - 22:18

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