Postapocalyptic 3D World Generation, Part 3

After a lot of feedback, I decided to rename my post-apocalyptic simulator hobby project game to simply PostCollapse. I've also uploaded an updated version of the game, which has some cool new features:

Yes, the procedural world generation creates water bodies such as rivers, complete with shores. Looks actually pretty cool in action. You probably recognize the water rendering method, it's simply the water code from CopperCube, of course. Took me about 10 seconds to add it into the game:

Also, there are now lots of cars in the world, which can be searched:

The game is playable already, and I'd say it is 30% finished now. Maybe I should try to motivate some people start testing it from time to time, in order to get more feedback. If you like to, you can play the game directly on its website. It runs in the browser.

eight comments, already:

If all the cars would have the engine running that could also explain the haze/smog ;)
xaos - 04 02 16 - 10:40

I think one of the car models is actually a VW, so why not :)
niko - 04 02 16 - 10:57

somes cars flying o_o…
bob - 04 02 16 - 12:31

Yes, still alpha :)
niko - 04 02 16 - 14:50

Somehow all movement is very jerky for me. I didn’t have that with previous versions. The game it coming along nicely though, there’s certainly a sense of lonelyness.
Lenx - 05 02 16 - 18:46

Maybe the water makes it slow for you? If you walk about 300 meters away from the water and also look away from it, is it faster then?
niko - 06 02 16 - 05:03

It doesn’t seem to be the water. FPS seems smooth enough, but the mouse and keyboard commands seem to suffer from a jerky movement, both indoor and outdoor. when steadily moving the mouse, it appears to suddenly move slower, then snap forward to the location it should be, at about a frequency of 2 seconds. (hard to explain realy).

Im running firefox 44.0 and have an Intel i5-6600K with 16GB RAM. It should be powerful enough to run smoothly.
Lenx - 07 02 16 - 12:51

Yes, that’s strange. Will see if I can reproduce this.
niko - 09 02 16 - 03:02

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