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Maybe you know already, from time to time I've not that much free time, because I've got a job and am studying informatics as hobby. And projects such as Irrlicht then suffer a bit from this. This is a list of the percentage of exams I've finished of the semesters:

semesterpercentage done

Yay, I can already see an end. When every semester has a '100' behind it, I'll finally have some official paper in my hands which tells that I can write software and stuff. :)

nine comments, already:

I dont need to see a paper to confirm that you can write software and stuff!
Armen138 - 09 10 05 - 21:15

No but he does need a paper to know that something has been done correctly and thus he can move forward and do other stuff that people like Armen138 would like him to do :) ie: write softwares based on what he has previously learned…
nej - 10 10 05 - 12:59

University is not about writing software.
mp - 10 10 05 - 13:07

@mp: I agree. University is about jerking off to.. well, academical stuff.
ak - 10 10 05 - 14:02

My degree and Masters degree I thought were very helpful. Do I think they were worth the $100,000 I spent to get them? I am not so sure but then again I do make $85,000 a year as a Software Engineer Level 4
TSM - 10 10 05 - 16:00

what means level 4? how many levels are there? what level am I? :)
niko - 10 10 05 - 17:01

Level 4 at my company, and I think it is at most companies, is 6-9 years programming professionally and being somewhat of an advisor to lower level programmers. I just got promoted to level 4 and I do more managing of projects and less coding than I used to.

There are usually 5 levels but I think at some companies you can go into Senior Software Enginneer and go through 5 more level. But who the hell knows what that means.
TSM - 11 10 05 - 03:16

I must say I have never heard of these levels? Might it be something your company deploys? Or do you mean it is business standard?
Mikael - 11 10 05 - 23:34

I am pretty sure is is a business standard it has been at all of my jobs. Most job sites use it as well. For example I know does. Maybe just an American thing? I know Boeing uses it for software engineers.
TSM - 11 10 05 - 23:54

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