CopperCube 5.2 and its water rendering

I just released the game engine CopperCube in version 5.2 as free update. Besides other features, it includes the announced water surface rendering, which I managed to make work on all supported platforms: Windows (D3D and OpenGL), Mac OS X, WebGL, Android, and even Flash. It looks nicely on all of these, here are some examples: It looks much nicer in movement, of course. If you want to see it in action, you can try it directly on a website, I created a small demo with two different scenes: WebGL Water rendering demo. It works surprisingly fast, and also does look nicely.

I'm very happy about this release. It also includes a lot of other changes (detailed list here), like localization. Meaning the editor user interface now also works with different languages. I already added a german translation, and planning to add some more later.

Hope you like this release!

five comments, already:

Looks cool, but you can see the “edge” of the terrain for some reason. Maybe add some fog?
Kai Mast (link) - 01 03 15 - 19:36

Around 27 FPS on ocean scene and 2,7 FPS on terrain scene.
Nokia Lumia 630, Windows 10 for phones technical preview.(IE, not spartan)
marxxus - 02 03 15 - 18:44

For the ocean scene I get ~60 fps on iOS, but it flickers a lot.
For the terrain scene i get ~7 fps and the bushes seem to jump up and down…
Sven - 03 03 15 - 01:05

About the edge: Yes, is is still programmer art, I think it is the skybox you are seeing there. Could be improved with a better 3D artist :)

iOS: Yes, Apple still seems to have to fix their buggy WebGL implementation.
niko - 04 03 15 - 05:17

I wonder if you could do (fake) caustics on the underwater (static) geometry using a similar means, might make the shallow water even nicer.
xaos - 05 03 15 - 09:50

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