Playing with Normal Mapping

I just played around a bit with normal map support, and quickly integrated it into CopperCube, as test. irrEdit, the irrlicht editor CopperCube is based on never supported normal maps, although irrlicht did, a thing which always annoyed me. I was thinking about what types of normal maps to support, and considered only to support Object Space Normal maps, because they are easy to implement on all the targets, are a bit faster to compute on slow devices, and even need less memory. Unfortunately, they are a pain in the ass to create, so I'm now going with tangent space normal maps.
There is a lot of work to be done before it is finally functional, but I'm happy that it sort of works already in the editor now. It's a step into the right direction.

two comments, already:

Hope that the normal mapping is better than in (old versions of?) Irrlicht.

I remember that it only supported one or two lights. It also treated directional lights as point lights.
Kai Mast (link) - 19 07 13 - 11:46

That’s true, it will be a bit improved to work with CopperCube scenes seamlessly.
niko - 19 07 13 - 12:01

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