One Arrow less

In followup to my archery post a few weeks ago, maybe something which doesn't happen too often: Last week, a fellow archer splitted my fiberglass arrow with the metal head of his wooden one, by accident. Fortunately, my arrows aren't that expensive :)

five comments, already:

Wow! What’re the chances of that happening? Normally we only ever get to see this happening in a movie.
Maybe next you could try putting an apple on your head and stand near the target, see if he can split that. ;)
Ed - 20 05 13 - 18:31

Niko, where do you practice? Are you also spending a lot of time searching for arrows burried in the ground?
Lenx - 20 05 13 - 19:15

to clarify: this didn’t happen in mid-air, but my arrow was hanging from the target (didn’t fully stick in) and the next arrow from the other guy hit it :)

lenx: yes, spend about 10% of the time watching for lost arrows :) but recently painted all of them in bright red, so it is a bit better now
niko - 20 05 13 - 19:30

I just got myself a longbow :). Going to be trying it out on Wednesday – 51 lb fun! :P
Ralph Eastwood - 20 05 13 - 23:56

that is some accuracy in shooting niko
juan (link) - 29 05 13 - 02:17

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