How to remove all useful comments from your blog

Since I implemented my own very simple Anti-Spam system on this blog - the one where you have to enter a specific word into the comment form when posting a comment - the amount of comments on each entry of this blog has dropped significantly. Yes, the spam is gone, yay. But also real, user written comments are not many anymore. It seems to be posting comments is now a bit too complicated? Hm...

seven comments, already:

Cat - 27 02 13 - 15:55

Probably just a coincidence.
KIENI - 27 02 13 - 17:09

I managed to do master the filter!
and had auto completion for the text box,
so If I am able to do this, it can not be to hard for others
a4z - 27 02 13 - 18:11

Or maybe it’s just the quality of my posts which has dropped since then, and no one wants to comment anymore :)
niko - 27 02 13 - 18:28

yeah bad theory i managed to post this without problems and wasnt so difficult at all :)
mv - 28 02 13 - 16:50

Actually, what you considered to be real users were, in fact, very advanced spambots. They write input like real people, they complain, they tell jokes, they even give you ideas.
And their spam posting method is so subtle you will never notice.
Nostaw - 28 02 13 - 17:09

Hehe, I’d like such a spam bot as idea machine for my next game/app :)
niko - 01 03 13 - 07:08

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