Still waiting for HTML 5 audio to happen

Take a look at this table, it shows which audio format can be played back by which browser, using the HTML 5 audio tag:

Browser Operating system Formats supported by different web browsers
Ogg Vorbis WAV PCM MP3 AAC WebM Vorbis Ogg Opus
Google Chrome All supported 9.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Currently in Dev and canary channels
Internet Explorer Windows Depends No 9.0 9.0 No No
Mozilla Firefox ( Gecko ) All supported 3.5 (1.9.1) 3.5 (1.9.1) No No 4.0 (2.0) 15.0 (15.0)
Opera All supported 10.50 No Depends Depends 10.60 In development
Safari OS X must be installed separately 3.1 3.1 3.1 must be installed separately No

Source: wikipedia.

You notice, there is not one single vertical row where everything is green. And this is 2012. As long it stays like this, HTML 5 audio will not be used by many people seriously. Meaning that you cannot easily write games and multimedia apps using HTML 5 audio.
Come on, browser developers! Give us just one single, one tiny audio codec which works everywhere. How difficult can that be? I'd even be happy even if it would be Ogg! Just put that library in there. It's free. No patents. Integrating that library takes about half an hour for a decent C++ programmer. Really. It would be such a big step forward.

four comments, already:

It’s frustrating. In our game, we have to fall back to flash for playing audio. Can’t wait when we can stop doing this.
klaus - 20 09 12 - 11:11

First they all went for CSS3 and basic HTML5 and then they… oh wait, is that canvas? WebGL? Cool! Let’s do that, all the others are doing it right now. What? More CSS3? Let’s go for it.
It all seems a little chaotic. Audio can wait, because… who wants to hear something in his browser?

Audio (mainly in browsers) seems to has alway been the stepchild no one really cared for. If it wasn’t for Flash, the Internet would probably still be silent today sigh
KIENI - 20 09 12 - 12:07

The funny thing is the ‘HTML5’ solution for audio problem is to have Flash as a fallback:
abiyasa (link) - 20 09 12 - 17:51

Yeah, seriously, I get annoyed at this too. Odd how they ALL support audio and this issue isn’t gone yet. I guess the fallback option would be to have two different audio formats available, but who wants duplicates of everything?
Nic - 25 09 12 - 07:58

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