Don't vote for Schröder

This weekend, Germany will vote its next cabinet. And I cannot believe that there are still about 45% people who will reelect him and his party. Hey, wake up: This guy ruined our country during the last decade. Germany now has collapsed to the ground, economically. He has no idea, no official plan at all how to repair that damage and worse: He even ignores the problem. If you vote for him again, it would mean that you are content with how everything is and that he should go on like that. Just look at the U.S.: They reelected their stupid president and everything gets more fucked up in their country.
No need to vote for him just because he's a brilliant speaker. So please, please don't vote for Schröder.

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Julien Koenen - 12 09 05 - 20:21

joshi - 12 09 05 - 21:36

I’m gonna vote for the guy who DIDN’T plunge us into the catastrophe that is Iraq… Merkel said she would. No way I’m gonna vote for her. That’s all there’s to it for me.
TheGolem () - 12 09 05 - 23:58

PS: Comparing reelecting Schroeder with reelecting Bush is like comparing reelecting Putin with reelecting Stalin.
TheGolem () - 12 09 05 - 23:59

ak () - 13 09 05 - 07:46

Hm, I don’t agree with you.
The politician who realy runied our country was Kohl and the politicians bevore him. Because they ignored a bunch of problems which Schoeder has to iron out. And I don’t choose a ‘Kanzler’ which would go to war with any country that only have stolen Bush’s lolly.
Maverick () - 13 09 05 - 07:51

avi - 13 09 05 - 08:00

“Comparing reelecting Schroeder with reelecting Bush is like comparing reelecting Putin with reelecting Stalin.”

I think I prefer Stalin ;)
Jedive () - 13 09 05 - 10:30

Though I don’t really like Schroeder I would do nearly everything that Merkel don’t become Counselor. And so did I already with absentee vote (Briefwahl). And I really hope, that Schroeder becomes Counselor again, because there is currently no alternative for him, neither from right (cdu/csu) nor from left (pds/linke).
Ronin - 13 09 05 - 11:39

Manni - 13 09 05 - 11:53

niko - 13 09 05 - 12:13

Julien Koenen () - 13 09 05 - 12:58

oli - 13 09 05 - 13:27

bakkdoor - 13 09 05 - 14:09

I hated Bush but when all you have to choose from is him or Kerry. I choose bush anyday.
TSM - 13 09 05 - 14:30

zu 1) Geld ausgeben ist um einiges einfacher als es zu Erwirtschaften, besonders wenn man genausoviel Arbeitet wie vorher.

I think Bush is a Idiot, give him two litre of oil and everything is ok for him.
Maverick - 13 09 05 - 15:48

Not all Americans voted for Bush or Kerry.
I voted for Ralph Nadar!
jimc74 () - 13 09 05 - 16:28

“I hated Bush but when all you have to choose from is him or Kerry. I choose bush anyday.”

Good god… Bush gave orders that killed hundred thousands of people, and you prefer him over Kerry? There’s NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING that Kerry could have POSSIBLY done that would be worse than that.
TheGolem () (link) - 13 09 05 - 17:13

Maverick - 13 09 05 - 20:02

Sadam Killed hundreds of thousands of people a week. I think its better he is gone.

@jimc74 I am surprised someone who voted for Raplh NadEr can even use a computer.
TSM - 14 09 05 - 01:07

“Sadam Killed hundreds of thousands of people a week. I think its better he is gone.”

a week? muhaha…

i agree that it’s good that he is gone though even if i am not sure if the iraqis are better off at the moment.
knut - 14 09 05 - 13:27

Probably more iraqis are being killed now than under Saddam’s regime.

It’s sad to say and hard to believe, but I am sure many of them must be missing Saddam.
Jedive - 15 09 05 - 01:16

Other - 16 09 05 - 13:10

buhatkj (link) - 16 09 05 - 22:51

Natuerlich geht es nicht direkt um CDU oder SPD. Da aber die Koalitionspartner weitesgehend feststehen, geht es nun mal um die eine (CDU/CSU/FDP) oder die andere (SPD/Gruenen) Seite. (Manche sprechen auch von dem kleineren Uebel)
Mit den Linken will (zum Glueck) offiziell keiner und bei einer (eher unwarscheinlichen) grossen Koalition ist es eh egal.

Das Problem bleibt: Schroeder (bzw. SPD) hat kein Mehrheit im Bundesrat.

Fuer mich ist der Hauptgrund die CDU NICHT zu waehlen: Beckstein (siehe auch Kommentar von ak) Sollte der Innenminister werden -> Adios Datenschutz. Welcome Orwell. Der ist ja noch schlimmer als Schily.
oLIVEr () - 16 09 05 - 23:53

Alton - 17 09 05 - 01:08

I’m a rightwinger which makes me pleased but also displeased with Bush. His policies on the borders is what gets to me the most. I think the world is better with Saddam out of power—but there will always be a tyrant somewhere in the world to oust. Better we spend our time figuring out why people allow themselves to be ruled by such tyrants, and why those leaders are able to persuade otherwise normal people to follow their evil orders.
roninmagus - 23 09 05 - 21:44

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