Cool Irrlicht Screenshots

Anybody wants to see cool Irrlicht screenshots? Try this:


I finally uploaded shots of the RABCAT game engine (based on Irrlicht) to the Irrlicht project page. And there is a cool video (3MB) showing it in action. It's not that perfect (yep, I recorded it, and I'm not good in this), but it shows some interesting things. Thanks to Arnold, Stan and Tom for letting me publish them there. And also to Stefan, Fuki, Ronny, and Simon for their work on it, it was fun.

nine comments, already:

Yeah, it surely was fun working on that project!
tiv - 09 09 05 - 19:15

will be the rabcat engine open source too?
joshi - 09 09 05 - 19:35

Wow. Looks great.
oli - 09 09 05 - 19:39

Impressive footage, really! I bet Irrlicht will not be considered an “ugly lookin” engine anymore O.o

PD: Landing at Vienna the 27th !!
Julio Gorgé (link) - 09 09 05 - 20:36

I think that if you USE irrlicht in a game like that (or a demo) you would find more errors to fix, and that’s exactly what irrlicht needs before going further.

I also love the shadows used here, are they texture shadows? I love them, it would be nice to have them in irrlicht ;)

Nice art you got there, love the gory scene with the corpse on the chair!
soy1bonus (link) - 10 09 05 - 17:22

Yea, great video.
Btw that guy on the screenshot reminds me of someone ;)
Dood - 10 09 05 - 18:50

No, not open source, sorry. @julio: Ok, I’m putting some beers in my fridge already :) Cool that you noticed the shadows, took me some time. :)
niko - 11 09 05 - 20:46

Will it then at last be free for (non-commercial) use?
joshi - 11 09 05 - 23:13

heyy i juss wanted to ask where could i get a football goal keeper’s model… the final year project that i hav chose is called Virtual Penalty Shootout… so fer this i need is a goal keeper model… any help is helpful…
fuzzy - 21 09 05 - 13:42

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