As you may know, I created and am selling an Actionscript Obfuscator named irrFuscator, which is useful for protecting your created Flash applications. For example if you created a game. And it seems to be quite useful to some people. It helps preventing people from copying and stealing your work.

What I find quite ironic is that there are actually people trying to get a pirated copy of irrFuscator. Really. Stealing some developers (=mine) work in order to prevent your own work to be stolen? Double-Standards anyone? :)
It's nice to hear at least that those 'cracks' available for my software actually seem to be trojans, installing pretty evil stuff on the users system. I really don't feel any pity for those people :)

eleven comments, already:

ulf - 12 04 12 - 16:39

Not all that surprising – developers could be surprisingly skilled at doublethink when it comes to software they didn’t create. Good luck!
Piskvor - 12 04 12 - 16:49

I’ll keep blaming software’s immaterial nature for piracy. Who would steal irrFuscator when it would be a 10kg physical good? In this regard any OS would be a monstrous package as high as skyscrapers.
hermitC (link) - 12 04 12 - 17:30

Eventually, all of them will fall! “A friend” told me that always is a good idea release “cracked” versions with watermark and feedback report, so.. you can spam DMCA’s later and catch them all (it sounds like pokemons hahahahaha) :)
ngenen - 12 04 12 - 17:34

Your post makes you sound like a snotnosed brat, people are gonna pirate software, get over yourself. You’re not special just cause you wrote an obfuscator, the lowest form of security known to man. Im suprised you sell any copies at all, its no wonder people pirate your software it isnt worth paying for because it doesn’t provide hardly any value.
Bar - 12 04 12 - 17:52

Hm, bar, that sounds rather uninformed :)
niko - 12 04 12 - 18:00

“its no wonder people pirate your software”

“the lowest form of security known to man”
“it doesn’t provide hardly any value”

Taking a moment to structure your rant can help you avoid strange contradictions like these :)
Kemp - 12 04 12 - 20:53

it means your software is of high status and quite popular already.
jon (link) - 13 04 12 - 05:02

@Bar: Compared to other software I’d say it is quite worthy, compare with Apple Update… It only manages to update itself, and makes the machine practically unusable while performing this rather mundane task… Ok, on the other hand, this crap is for free. Somewhat like
xaos - 13 04 12 - 10:22

@Bar: Sounds like you’re more a “pirate” then a developer. An obfuscater raises the reverse-engineering-bar (no pun intended), making it harder for people like you to steal other people’s work. It’s effort versus use :)
KIENI - 16 04 12 - 13:52

KIENI - 16 04 12 - 13:53

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