Mouse Lock in the Browser

Yay, so apparently, we will soon have Mouse locking in HTML. This means First person shooter control will probably be possible soon in browsers.

six comments, already:

I hate to think of the ways this could be abused by friendly marketing chaps everywhere.
Kemp - 28 09 11 - 13:51

Oh the abuses mouse locking will bring! Followed by “this is why we can’t have nice things.”
Michael - 29 09 11 - 04:51

Michael: did you read the linked article? There will be a security question for the user for doing this.
niko - 29 09 11 - 06:53

That’s all great, but how often do things work out the way they’re meant to? Almost every feature beyond static text has been abused at some point, this won’t be any different. The only new thing here is directly taking control away from the user during said abuse.

It says that it “may” request permission from the user. Personally, I would promote that to “must”, but I assume that most browsers will enforce it anyway just because it would be stupid not to. The main thing that worries me isn’t the stealing itself, but the returning of control back to the user. The choices are the code doing it voluntarily (which obviously wouldn’t happen in the scenarios we’re discussing), or a specific gesture by the user. That will be a complex thing to achieve correctly.
Kemp - 30 09 11 - 13:04

I’m getting really sick of everyone trying to recreate everything in webbrowsers. It’s like we’re going backwards in time to re-invent all the great technologies we already have for developing games, just so we cram our experience in an annoying little browser window.
Moreover I prefer being able to buy software or games on cd, so I can actually own the product I paid for. With these browser games all control is ripped from the hands of the consumer. This is all going from bad to worse :(
jns - 14 10 11 - 01:53

With these browser games all control is ripped from the hands of the consumer. This is all going from bad to worse
wuting - 31 10 11 - 03:39

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