Looking for a game dev job?

If you are interested in 3D graphics, WebGL (specifically CopperLicht), and you are a skilled programmer, maybe I've a job offer for you:

(Game-) Developer required:

A German company is currently searching for developers to implement a browser-based 3D-game environment. A skilled coder who can implement e.g. culling-methods or a LOD for general performance testings is what we need for the start. Later there will be following a lot of tasks and functions - just like for a MMO. If your work is indispensable for us we would be happy to have you working on specific milestones or to temporally employ you.
Working overseas is no problem. You can flexible work on your task(s) as long as you donīt miss the deadline.
Please send short inquiries to: nyce-design@gmx.net

A proof of your skills is needed. A basic Level-of-detail or some culling-methods created in Copperlicht would be preferred.

This is a real company and it's not a hobby project claiming to be something serious (I've worked with them already, so I can guarantee this is a serious offer) .They do not want to go public with their project yet.

eight comments, already:

“A basic Level-of-detail or some culling-methods created in Copperlicht would be preferred.”

OK… you made this up, didn’t you?
Nostaw - 22 07 11 - 14:46

No, they use copperLicht and also need to optimize it a bit for what they want to do with it.
niko - 22 07 11 - 15:51

‘just like for a MMO’
hmm… what kind of audience are there going for with this comparison
tobias3 - 22 07 11 - 16:34

BehindTheCurtain - 26 07 11 - 13:11

mmh my text got lost – wanted to say: If there are any inconsistencies within the text above, please let me know. All we want is a skilled (game-) dev or coder to make general performance tests (on Copperlicht engine) for a big browser-based 3D-project… Thanks and regards
BehindTheCurtain - 26 07 11 - 13:16

You could sound a little bit more professional for starters. Here we do have nico’s word but elsewere…
E.g. don’t say Massively Multiplayer – it’s red flag for any serious developer. Especially if you want to do it with JavaScript and WebGL which can be described as a little bit experimental – See audio problems in this blog. By mentioning it one automatically associates you with it.
What does LOD have to do with general performance testings? And be upfront that this is a contract job.
Look at the blog post: “This is a real company and it’s not a hobby project claiming to be something serious” – It looks as if its not serious but it actually is…
tobias3 - 26 07 11 - 21:12

Thanks for your honesty.
I know its difficult to do stuff like that in this early stages of WebGL. As I heard of the troubles pushing this entirely browser-based – I did hear enough opinions that it can be done.
What we need is a relieable statement by a dev if and how this could be done.

Firstly we would like to develop a test scene with a couple of hundred low-poly objects (or billboards) which need to be culled and to implement a simple LOD in an appropriate distance.

We have the money and need skilled staff. If anyone can proof that this wouldn´t be possible for a while at all – we would be interested in that as well.

Thanks and regards
BehindTheCurtain - 27 07 11 - 02:15

BehindTheCurtain - 27 07 11 - 14:26

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