WebGL Demos

Because I just released a new version of CopperCube and CopperLicht, I also updated the WebGL demos a bit. There is also a new demo, the 'Third Person Camera Demo', as already blogged before. Looks like I created quite a few demos already, here is the current list:

Quake 3 Map Demo

This demo loads and displays a full Quake 3 level. Warning: Needs a fast PC. Start

Character Animation Demo

CopperCube supports realtime 3D character animation, also known as skeletal animation. This Demo shows one simple demo animated character. Start

Collision Detection Demo

This demo loads a small 3d scene and demonstrates collision detection and response. It is possible to climb up stairs and collide against walls. Start

Third Person Camera Demo

This demo shows the third person camera built-into CopperCube in action. You can walk around with an animated 3d character. Start

Asteroids Game

This demo shows a fully working simple asteroids game, including sound and music. Start

Toy Car Demo

This demo loads a very small 3d scene with a car animated along a spline path. Start

Maybe it is time now to create a real, small WebGL based game instead of all those small demos.

seven comments, already:

Like the new Third Person demo!
peter - 15 04 11 - 09:51

i thought firefox 4 and chrome 10 have webgl enabled by default?

but both don’t show webgl content for me. why? can anyone give me any tips?
horace - 16 04 11 - 20:47

It could be that firefox or chrome don’t like your graphics driver. They simply disable WebGL then. You can manually enable it in the about:config pages then. Or simply update your driver.
niko - 17 04 11 - 06:33

is set force-enabled to true. now it works. thanks! :) the third person demo is nice.
horace - 17 04 11 - 11:38

Hack again?!
DanmdyKrr (link) - 17 04 11 - 18:01

mrohila (link) - 28 04 11 - 12:07

mrohila (link) - 28 04 11 - 12:08

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