My troubles in Starcraft 2

From time to time I play online games. As player name, I usually choose the one I used in nearly all games since about 15 years, and that is 'Irrlicht'. I eventually also implemented a now quite popular open source 3D engine and named it accordingly. Yesterday, I played a round of Starcraft 2. So this short chat started in game:

Other player: Irrlicht?
Irrlicht: Yes?
Other player: Did you name yourself after that programming package?
Irrlicht: No. I named it after my player name.
Other player: What?
Irrlicht: I originally wrote that 3d engine.
Other player: Of course you did.

Great. Well, at least I've also lost that match.

eight comments, already:

So, Irrlicht was named after you! That’s so “kinda stuff I’d do if it was me”!
Nostaw - 18 03 11 - 13:10

Next time, create, containing a personal message and/or a chat log, and send him the URL.
ak - 18 03 11 - 13:46

A related question: Was irrlicht first your nick, or was the little game (having nothing to with the 3d engine) first? (I just do not remember. Maybe I never even knew.)
xaos - 18 03 11 - 16:32

“Of course you did.” People can’t believe it when they meet celebrities. :-)
hermitC (link) - 18 03 11 - 17:14

@ak: or maybe a link to this blog post :)
@xaos: The nick was first. BTW: The game darkness springs ( ) looks pretty much like that irrlicht game. :)
niko - 18 03 11 - 17:38

LOL. Here my chat another day at end game:

f.azul (me): gg
pedrosp: fu noob mh
f.azul: no mh, gg
pedrosp: reported noob

Daniel - 20 03 11 - 23:07

Well … my nick is from a great song from Therapy (great band btw), but it doesn’t show any real information about me, so when I (nowadays pretty rarely) play the games in a chatroom around here (from a regional radio station) it often happens that a private chat window pops up saying:

“Hi Brainsaw, male/female, how old, where from?”.

I normally simply close those and ignore them, I only enter that chatroom to play chess or something like that ;)
Brainsaw (link) - 21 03 11 - 07:56

That’s real fame! Wow – my friend is famous! LOL
Navid - 24 03 11 - 12:47

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