DukeNukem 3D in Flash

If you are looking forward for the close release of Duke Nukem Forever as much as I do, you probably already know the original Duke Nukem 3D. But if you never played it, here is maybe something for you: Tim12345 created a small flash 3d game using CopperCube. It is a very small demo, but gives quite a good feeling about how the game was like:

Controls: cursor keys or WASD to move, mouse to Look, E or space to shoot.

IMO, it is a nice tribute. There is also the corresponding thread in the CopperCube forum. Again, Tim didn't write any Actionscript for this and only used CopperCube behaviors for the game. :)

twelve comments, already:

Nice, but too short! :-)
don - 09 02 11 - 10:21

Oh, these happy memories ;)
Telepath - 09 02 11 - 10:29

Who wants to play something like this, when we have graphics like uncharted?
Thats ridiculous, one CopperCube demo looks ugly then the other.
With this graphics we are going back in time.

note Even the original duke looks better then this.
sorry for this troll post, but that my real opinion.
GraphicWhore - 09 02 11 - 19:51

The mouse aiming makes it unplayable for me. But great memories indeed.
matt (link) - 09 02 11 - 20:41

I’m so sorry to have disappointed you, GraphicWhore! Forgive me I’m just a poor Janitor from Oregon… After reading your comment, it seems I should just throw my computer into the garbage can. Yes, that’s what I’ll do… I’ll THROW MY COMPUTER INTO THE GARBAGE CAN. Thanks a lot!!
Tim - 09 02 11 - 23:35

He’s right with one thing: In flash you need a ~3 Ghz dual core to play a game that you could play on a computer with 33 Mhz.
Tobias3 - 10 02 11 - 18:53

Duke3D was one of my favorite games of that era. This demo nails the look and feel of it and brought back some memories of playing that awesome game!

My only advise is to stick with keyboard controls for looking around(or at least offer the option to shut off the mouse control). The current mouse-control has gotta go.
beer3d - 13 02 11 - 07:42

Dylan - 01 06 11 - 17:33

I love this
Brenton - 16 06 11 - 19:46

great game i have not ever played this game before this where i will get longer version???yes i know my english sucks_XD.
Duke - 18 06 11 - 10:36

too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duke - 18 06 11 - 10:41

i bought the real game at a used game store. Downladed eduke and now playing on vista. This sucks compared to it
Matt - 27 06 11 - 23:27

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