EU: seamless surveillance state in progress

The EU is currently planning behind closed doors to turn Europe into a survilance state: The german pirate party has disclosed the INDECT documents which describe how they are planning to implement seamless surveillance. Interesting. Download the papers here. Time to emigrate?

nine comments, already:

Come to London! No surveillance here ;)
Chris - 10 09 10 - 15:05

Emigration is not a solution anymore. Where would you want to go? It’s the same everywhere. Unless interstellar travel becomes an option, of course…
Michi - 10 09 10 - 16:30

Go to Kuba or North Korea. There you are safe from the european or american surveillance systems.
Telepath - 10 09 10 - 21:21


you mean other than google earth/maps? :D
fusion44 - 10 09 10 - 21:57

@Telepath: Just in case that you’re not just a mindless troll: The mere fact that there are still places where things are worse than here and in the rest of the so-called “free world” is no sufficient reason for quiet acceptance of our current situation.
Michi - 11 09 10 - 01:29

I’m not afraid of surveillance. I’m afraid of never-ending increasing tax, food, oil, gas, etc. prices. Especially food, since they can control our quality of life through food production chain.
Vox - 11 09 10 - 17:49

@Vox: Well, you should be.
Tazo - 11 09 10 - 23:17

Vox they can only control what you depend on.

Limit Oil and Gas use. Find alternative food sources. In parts of Hippy america there are organic farms. I’m not saying go that extreme, but avoiding buying processed foods in Walmart made from a factory is way easier for a government to regulate and tax then lets say a farmers market.
Nathan - 12 09 10 - 20:17

Thanks Mathan, but I live in Europe, which is heavily taxed. If you want to do farming, you need license. Additionally, I live outside of EU, where conditions are worse.

Are you thinking now, USA is better?
Vox - 13 09 10 - 18:26

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