Since I started my own business, I've quickly learned that there are weeks where every day is a big WTF-moment. This week is such a week. Sometimes it is incredible what weired things can happen and how strange people can behave. I wish I could go into more details here (but probably later).
At least it keeps me entertained :)
And to blog some (non-related) less vague stuff as well, did you see the new irrFuscator website already? Hope it works in all browsers, but looked correctly in the about 6 I tested it with.

six comments, already:

hmm, what’s the point of source obfuscation? i mean one could just keep the source to oneself, right?
Matthias - 27 08 10 - 10:35

The problem is that in flash, the compiled code (=SWF files) can be turned back to clearly readable source code. Using an obfuscator such as irrFuscator prevents this.
niko - 27 08 10 - 10:47

Wow I didn’t know Blizzard does flash applications
Virion - 27 08 10 - 14:22

On their website?
Steffen - 27 08 10 - 14:25

scroll to bottom
typo: Priorized support via mail
jon - 29 08 10 - 19:01

Ah, thanks, going to fix this soon
niko - 30 08 10 - 17:06

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