I just read that in the USA, there are by now 1271 government organizations and 1931 private companies which all are basically intelligence services and secret agencies (source). And an astonishing 854000 people are holding top-secret security clearances.
These numbers are quite incredible. If you know a bit about history, you also know that the downfall of a lot of states and civilizations began with the rise of their secret organizations. Lets hope we are not witnessing history repeating itself again.

seven comments, already:

This is your first political post with which I’ve actually agreed. ;)
Judge Maygarden - 20 07 10 - 17:22

Not sure if this is good or bad :)
niko - 20 07 10 - 17:31

Don’t expect anything to be done during an election year. Depending on the outcome of the election and if fear of too much security overrides fear of too little security, something could be done in 2011. If not 2011, I expect Obama would be more likely to take it up if he wins a second term in 2013. Having a two term limit frees Presidents up during their second terms to do unpopular things because they don’t have to run for reelection and any problems become their successor’s problems.
kwerboom - 20 07 10 - 22:37

Just to be clear, the 1931 private companies are mostly contractors that develop products or provide services. They are not policy makers or law enforcement.
Michael - 21 07 10 - 00:51

I think I just had an Obama moment right there… “Let’s be clear” he he.
Michael - 21 07 10 - 00:52

I guess they need that many security agents. How else should they know every step I take during my next US vacation?
Brainsaw (link) - 21 07 10 - 07:23

Not to forget all the other(Far too many) countries their Involved in. ;-)
ACE247 - 21 07 10 - 17:18

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