Adsense for the poor

Software developers, and people who usually work with computers tend not to click on ads in the web. Some of them even filter ads using software such as AdBlock. I find this always quite amusing when other people find this out the hard way, like for example about half a year ago the people behind Stackoverflow:

[...] how does anyone make a decent living with AdSense? Seriously, how?

Some years ago I put up google ads on this blog and I learned this quite quickly as well: The ratio between people who visit this blog and people who click on ads is incredible low. That's because nearly only people with a technical background are reading this site.
On the other hand, other sites I run such as Darkness Springs or Bienen und Blumen are quite the opposite: People playing online games or using dating sites seem to click anything which is colorful. :)

Anyway, I never took down adsense from this blog, but because this is quite senseless, I now replaced most of the ads with a small script I just created to show some own images. Where the google adsense 'Wide Skyscraper' images were shown before on this blog, this script now shows images of the software I'm blogging about here. Simply click on the comments or archive to try it out.
Here is the source, if anyone is interested: writeads.js. The script even parses the DOM to find some keywords matching the images.

Do you like the new images instead of the ads? I do :)

twelve comments, already:

Do you feel ashamed of having the heroine of you game go into battle in her underwear?
Matthias - 19 05 10 - 15:27

Perhaps it is a bit hot in those dungeons… :)
gal - 19 05 10 - 15:55

@matthias: ashamed? Do you think she looks that ugly?
niko - 19 05 10 - 16:46

I don’t think anybody on the whole earth does NOT think she’s ugly.
lolcat - 19 05 10 - 22:42

Thought about adding some AdSense to my own blog. It’s rather technical, like this one. This post simplified the decision.

Regardless of aesthetics: It’s an eye-catcher and that’s all ads are made for.
hermitC (link) - 19 05 10 - 22:56

it looks good
Virion - 20 05 10 - 09:39

Maybe you also want to consider using Flattr for making monies of your game/blog/whatever.
Tazo - 20 05 10 - 18:29

i used to click on all your adds from time to time, just to give you some income :-)
Lenx - 20 05 10 - 20:18

@tazo: took a look at flattr, but I don’t think it would pay out.
@lenx: that’s nice, but I think google is quite effectively filtering out such clicks.
niko - 21 05 10 - 12:14

Isnt it worth a try?
Tazo - 21 05 10 - 22:49

I can’t get it to display anything else then the DS ads :(
Marcus (link) - 22 05 10 - 10:39

maybe later :)
@marcus: try another site of the blog
niko - 23 05 10 - 14:43

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