Microsoft, can you improve the Ribbon in your products, please? It looks nice but slows you down editing documents. And with 'improve' I think I really mean 'remove'.

seven comments, already:

I’ll have to disagree with you. I found it so much better to work with than the way things were before that I switched to Office 2007 from OOo after using it in my workplace.
sRc (link) - 13 05 10 - 20:13

I’ve found the ribbon to be intuitive and much faster to use… functionality is still organized and grouped the same way as in previous versions of Office, so I still know where to find things. I don’t really understand what people don’t like about it.
Michael - 14 05 10 - 02:42

The Ribbon interface does take some time getting used to. I think most casual users find the interface disorientating at first, but end up discovering a lot more features of Office since now everything has it’s own over-sized icon.

For power users, I’ve had that bit of moment where, I think I’m doing a lot of tab switching and clicking to to do what I want, etc. It takes a while to remember the keyboard shortcuts to make things faster.
Cardin - 14 05 10 - 02:53

hate ribbon… ive been using 2007 for 2 years and still finds it very hard to use
angel (link) - 15 05 10 - 05:32

I agree with Michael’s
TheMiss - 16 05 10 - 03:46

The Ribbon is the single most important advantage of Office 2007 over 2003. It makes so many tasks so much easier in everyday work… And powerusers just press [Alt] and remember all the keyboard shortcuts :)
Christopher (link) - 16 05 10 - 09:19

@Michael, “I don’t really understand what people don’t like about it.” – the newness and familiarity, human beings resist change
kinjel - 16 05 10 - 13:58

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