I recently hadn't that much time, so I only have played it for some few hours yet, but here is a game recommendation:
Torchlight is a quite nice and entertaining game. It's basically a Diablo III clone - which feels a bit odd since Diablo III hasn't been released yet - but it has everything Diablo 1 and 2 had and what you would expect from version 3.

Everything in the game feels very familiar: Portals, how you level up, skill trees, the weapon/armor/item system, sockets, magic, identification scrolls, shortcuts, the user interface, how the quests work, etc. Except that Torchlight doesn't include a multi player mode [which I would try to ignore anyway to not to get addicted ;)] I'm not sure what I would expect more from Diablo III, so I can recommend this game.
Best 20 € I've invested this month, so far :)

nine comments, already:

And it uses ogre!
Miguel Herrero (link) - 27 04 10 - 16:23

yes, forgot to mention. Open source 3d engines ftw! :)
niko - 27 04 10 - 16:45

Not to bust your buble, but it’s now only 10 euros on D2D:

It’s the second spring sale week.
bug-a-lot - 27 04 10 - 16:58

Torchlight turned out more awesome than we could have hoped for – you should try the editing suite too, it’s cool and there’s lots of interesting mods already.
Steve (link) - 27 04 10 - 18:02

In fact, Torchlight creators also created Diablo I and II.
quim (link) - 27 04 10 - 19:52

Totally agreed! Great game! And a multiplayer mode would probably had made the game too dangerously addictive ;)
Sickbyte - 29 04 10 - 19:57

Diablo 3 clone even when Diablo 3 is not released. LOL, super neat cool like awesome.
kinjal kishor - 30 04 10 - 18:26

Looks like a cool game.. would have been cooler if it had used irrlicht 3D :p
leo - 02 05 10 - 23:18

Something to play as i wait for diablo III. Already done with Dragon age.
leo - 02 05 10 - 23:20

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