'Killer games' are making you smarter

A study published three days ago by the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the Leiden University (Colzato et al.) found that 'Killer Games', what our politicans call First Person Shooters are making you more intelligent.

Our findings support the idea that playing FPS games promotes cognitive flexibility.

It's quite interesting to read, it seems that you are training a lot of abilities of your brain by planning strategies and reacting to fast events in these games.

[...] videogame experience enhances cognitive flexibility in general

Nice read, the PDF is available as well. So time for another round of MW2? :)

six comments, already:

don - 25 04 10 - 10:02

I guess you could “prove” almost any statement regarding computer games by simply searching long enough for a “study” that seems appropriate.
Marcus (link) - 25 04 10 - 18:03

I knew it all the time ;)
Brainsaw (link) - 26 04 10 - 07:27

Correlation != Causality
BlindSide - 26 04 10 - 09:49

Guess how much a RTS game makes you more intelligent, such as starcraft. Here’s a view on a progamers perspective: youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jon747?blend..
zedr - 27 04 10 - 17:30

great post as usual!
MarkSpizer - 02 05 10 - 12:48

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