Looks like I am a crappy 3d engine creator

Everytime I stumble upon a new 3D engine, I'm usually quite interested in it, and usually I bookmark the website to remember it. This time I found a 3d engine someone just created and claimed on the front page of that engine that two (!) 3D engines I wrote totally suck. I don't think he knew that both of the 3d engines (CopperLicht and Irrlicht) are based on my code and ideas, but that's quite a big insult, I guess. An extract:

I take criticism seriously, and today I wanted to take a deeper look into that 3d engine, see what he tries to do better than me etc, only to find that the 3d engine has stopped to exist. Only a few days after it was started. Hm.

Probably better he took it off, I've read that its code quality wasn't the best. So I think I can ignore that persons critisism for now. :)

seven comments, already:

You fell for a prank. The Lera3D source link points to April 1st definition on Wikipedia.
Rene - 15 04 10 - 18:50

Found it to: http://www.szabster.net

Either he is Jokey Smurf or an ignorant. I’m tending to choice one.
hermitC (link) - 15 04 10 - 19:19

End Of Line? he think he’s the MCP or something?
sRc (link) - 16 04 10 - 05:09

That’s funny :) These posts make me enjoy reading your blog more.
Navid (link) - 16 04 10 - 07:20

hahaha what a fool
Virion (link) - 16 04 10 - 12:44

No le pares bola niko, de seguro lo violo un animal
The Onslaught - 17 04 10 - 00:41

just look at his about page, reveals that he obviously has some issues ;)
a good laugh though
mtd - 17 04 10 - 18:03

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