Ziemlich genau 50% der User von unserer Gratis Partnerbörse die sich bei uns darüber aufregen dass ihr Passwort auf einmal nicht mehr geht, vertippen sich beim Benutzernamen. Die anderen 50% beim Passwort. Ich weiß gar nicht wievielen Leuten ich dadurch die Funktion der Taste 'Capslock' bisher schon nahebebracht habe :)

Exactly 50% of all users of our german dating website who complain that it is not possible for them anymore to log in, are mistyping their user name. The other 50% are mistyping their password. I don't know how often I already explained what the Capslock key is doing since we started the site. :)

This blog post should test the small multi language mod I made to this blog. Did the post appear in german for you if you are german speaking?

twelve comments, already:

No. The RSS feed came in both languages, and the blog posting is in english for me.
rip (link) - 29 03 10 - 17:45

Looking at the website, it is german for me. However, do you really wanna have to write each blog post twice in the future? Wouldn’t it be somewhat of a hindrance on the motivation factor?
Tazo - 29 03 10 - 18:00

no, it was just a try. Not going to write anything twice :)
@rip: probably you’ve got an english browser?
niko - 29 03 10 - 18:18

Works. My german Firefox shows this post in german.

Funktioniert. Mein deutscher Feuerfuchs zeigt diesen Eintrag in Deutsch an.

Man, multi-lingual sucks! Please keep posting in english.
hermitC (link) - 29 03 10 - 21:04

You’re right, I use an english browser.
rip - 29 03 10 - 21:37

With NoScript enabled, the text shows both in german and in english :-)
andreas - 30 03 10 - 00:16

Works fine for me, I see the german version.
Brainsaw (link) - 30 03 10 - 07:22

Just checked out my Google feed reader: Both versions appear in your post, german followed by english.
hermitC (link) - 30 03 10 - 13:34

For me the text was in german on an english OS with a german browser (don’t ask )
Sylence (link) - 30 03 10 - 21:58

I know a little german, but I saw it in english
Martins1 - 31 03 10 - 13:44

@andreas: Also, with NoMotor enabled, your car will not work correctly :)
saerdna - 31 03 10 - 23:48

i see the german version (german os, german iexplorer)
madwolf - 02 04 10 - 00:14

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