I want to unread

Social news websites are sometimes very useful. But please, please! Don't put spoilers of books, tv series, movies etc. in the headlines of your posts. There is no way to unread them.
In this case, i've just read a big spoiler of the TV series 'Lost'. Come on guys. Some people live in europe. We get to see all series and movies up to one year later than you in the USA. Hmpf. :/

seven comments, already:

“We get to see all series and movies up to one year later than you in the USA.”

The joys of not being a pirate… ;p
Matthias - 18 03 10 - 11:27

snape kills dumbledore
imbusy - 18 03 10 - 12:25

@matthias amen :D
moo - 18 03 10 - 16:54

niko: Selbst schuld. Siehs dir halt online an, wie alle anderen auch. Solange es noch Leute gibt die sich alles gefallen lassen, werden die gottverdammten Hurenkinder, die sich perverserweise als Unterhaltungsindustrie bezeichnen, nie begreifen, dass man Kunden geben muss was sie kaufen wollen wann sie es kaufen wollen.
Zynikus - 18 03 10 - 22:00

That sucks!
I never dare to read any forum about lost because spoilers are everywhere.
Lenx - 19 03 10 - 18:18

LOST sucks, period.
Getting a spoiler is perfect because then you don’t have to watch the nonsense series. It’s a sick, pathetic show.
Shouldn’t the fat guy lose some bloody weight?
I’d love to be stranded on the island where that fat guy is, he must have all the luxuries in the world.
Ulf - 28 03 10 - 06:24

I got lost in Lost a long time ago; season three I believe. It turned too fantasy and complex. Even if I would read the spoiler I might not understand it anymore.
Navid (link) - 05 04 10 - 09:21

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