Opera 10.5 faster than Google Chrome 5

Looks like Opera 10.5 beta is 29% faster than the current fastest browser, Google Chrome 5, according to this test. Dear Opera team, great work! Looking forward to the release.

five comments, already:

“It’s more than 10x faster in SunSpider than Opera 10.10 with Futhark on Windows (Mac optimization is not as far along).”

10.5 is newer than 10.10? :M

Does Opera have some good adblocking?
Matthias - 15 02 10 - 20:01

Wow, your blog still doesnt work. :/

It seems the version is actually called 10.50? At least theres a link to a 10.50 version on opera.com.
Matthias - 15 02 10 - 20:04

I’m using Opera 10.50 since its first Pre-Alpha. I really enjoy the speed and the Window 7 integration. However it still crashes from time to time =(

@Matthias: Yes Opera has an built-in ad-block support. However there’s no support for online ‘block-lists’, like in Adblock-Plus for Firefox. So you’ve to manually maintain the block-list =(
Gamlor (link) - 16 02 10 - 00:33

Nice! I don’t really use anything other than Firefox, but I do keep all 4 browsers [IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera] on my desktop for occasional use.
Cardin - 16 02 10 - 05:17

I’ve been using Opera 10 for a while and it’s fantastic. I’m going to wait for a more stable release to try 10.5
Tyron (link) - 27 02 10 - 14:56

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