CopperLicht Released

I just released the first version of CopperLicht, a new 3D engine implemented completely in JavaScript. It runs entirely in the browser and uses WebGL. (WebGL is a new 3d drawing API which is supposed to be supported in the next generation of web browsers.) Doesn't sound too awesome maybe, but look what CopperLicht can do:

Basically, it is pretty fast and can render huge maps like here a full quake 3 level in playable speeds. (If you notice, this one is the quake map from the Irrlicht SDK). You can try out the demo yourself here.

CopperLicht is free to use. You can use CopperCube as world editor, so you can edit your worlds in 3d and write your game with CopperLicht. The API of CopperLicht is pretty easy to understand, and if you ever tried out Irrlicht, you'll notice that those are very similar. The SceneGraph and Material API is nearly the same, and loading textures and extending the engine works very similar as in Irrlicht.

CopperCube has been released in a new version as well now, it now also supports publishing its 3D scenes as WebGL, using CopperLicht of course.

This is the first release of CopperLicht, and it's an alpha version, so if you have any suggestions, comments, feature requests and similar, please don't hesitate. :)

20 comments, already:

Looks interesting. My browser doesn’t support WebGL. :(
Valuev - 05 02 10 - 09:48

I’ve to upgrade the browser, however it’s a piece of the future:)
garixi - 05 02 10 - 10:12

Ok, i’ve tried it!Really Awesome!Congratulations!How you convert the map?I seen the ccbjs extension, how you convert the model?
garixi - 05 02 10 - 10:41

ah, excuse me, i’ haven’t read the CooperLicht official page:D
garixi - 05 02 10 - 10:43

.ccb files are CopperCube files, and .ccbjs are the same but optimized for java script :)
niko - 05 02 10 - 10:50

Hey niko, you have twitter? facebook?
peezy - 05 02 10 - 16:51

facebook, yes (feel free to add me), no twitter :)
niko - 05 02 10 - 19:17

Very nice work there niko, i could run it for some reason it would say loading for a sec and then nothing.. and i would like to add on facebook but i try to keep my facebook absolutely free of my professional life.. i would recommend and request you to make a twitter account, its a very good platform to tell the world about all your minor progress.. you cant report every minor issue on a blog but you can on twitter..
Rapchik - 05 02 10 - 20:50

great work niko! keep it up!
angel (link) - 06 02 10 - 15:39

Your productivity is incredible, but your creativity when it comes to product names has ceased ;-) Tried with Minefield on OSX, doesn’t work, looking forward to testing with the fix.
matt (link) - 06 02 10 - 19:34

thanks. :) I tried to fix the quake demo for mac os X now, but I’m not sure if it works now on all systems. Please post if it works now for you.
niko - 07 02 10 - 10:45

Still doesn’t seem to be working. I get:

Error: a.Pi is not a function
Source File:
Line: 45
matt (link) - 08 02 10 - 01:58

And now, what about IrrCube? ;D

Btw, good work.
RedDragCZ (link) - 08 02 10 - 16:23

@matt: ok, thanks for testing. Goint to fix this as soon as possible.
niko - 08 02 10 - 17:19

here a bug your demo doss not work in minefield with WebGL enable
andri12 - 09 02 10 - 10:28

Golem has just released a short news entry on this:
NewsOnGolem (link) - 09 02 10 - 14:54

nice :)
niko - 09 02 10 - 17:05

Impressive! Although my first attempts to getting it run in Chromium under ubuntu Karmic failed (“GraphicsContext3D: glXChooseFBConfig failed”;), your announcement and the ambiera website seems sufficient to me to say that this project has an exciting potential, maybe in the long run even more than the Flash version.
I’m originally a desktop 3D developer and have just jumped on the webapp train lately, so I’ll closely watch your project’s development and wish you all the best :-)
Geoffrey (link) - 09 02 10 - 20:57

Update: On my desktop it runs flawlessly, I’ve just forgot that my notebook has crappy Intel graphics…
Geoffreys (link) - 09 02 10 - 21:34

Ok, the mac os x bug is fixed now. See for details
niko - 11 02 10 - 11:07

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