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My Next Game

After a successful twitter poll, where 96% voted yes, I'm going to develop my next game a bit more in the open. Meaning I'll blog and tweet a bit more about it, while it still is in development, even if there isn't much to see yet. So here is the plan:

My next game will be named Business Builder, a tycoon game with some quite unique features.

I already created a website for it (here), which was quite a bit of work. I wrote all the HTML, CSS, PHP and JS code manually and by hand, and although it is just a single page with a newsletter, it was surprising how much work it is nowadays: You need meta tags, icons, crawler directives, GDPR compliance, responsiveness, accessibility, browser compatibilty and more.

I did a bit of pre-production work already, so that's why there is even a screenshot visible on the website, this is from the actual game already. But there is a lot of work to do in order to make this a playable and fun game, so let's stay tuned.