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Revolutionary budget idea for the USA

A beta tester just sent me this with the subject "I suspect my revolutionary budget idea for the USA was a mistake...":

For comparison, Germany currently has a crime rate of around 775. :)

Please read beyond the first line of text

Do you also have this problem with people? When they aren't able to read beyond the first sentence you wrote them? For example like here:

User: I have a question with your game engine, it doesn't do XX when I do YY.
Me: Maybe you could try to do AAA, this might help.
    If not, try BBB, or alternatively, you can always do CCC.
User: I've now tried, but AAA doesn't help! Help me!!
Me: As I wrote, you could also try BBB. And if that doesn't help, try CCC, that should do the trick.
User: Thanks for your answer! BBB doesn't help! That really sucks!
Me: Did you try CCC?
User: Thanks! I've solved it now.

See? The problem could have been solved with 5 emails less. That's 70%!
I regularly have email exchanges like this. But also for private stuff via SMS / messenger and sometimes even phone calls. It doesn't seem to be related to age or technical knowledge. Seems just like lazyness.

Not sure how to solve this. Probably reading is the problem. Maybe I should start answering via youtube video. Or I should use a bigger font. Not sure.

Steam Page

I finally was able to create a Steam Page for Government Simulator, it now looks like this:

It also shows when I expect the game to be released. Feedback is quite ok for now, and some people also requested a lot of interesting features. Let's see what the next weeks will bring.

Game Trailer

After my blog post yesterday, a few people seemed to be interested in it, and asked for more details. Being used to cut a lot of family videos recently, I was able to create this trailer for my latest political simulation game 'Government Simulator' within just an hour:

I think it still looks ok, though. At least it shows pretty well within one minute what the game is and how it works. I even created the music myself, ha. Hope you like it.

My latest Side Project

On my way to the office or generally when on a train or plane, I usually write a bit of code when I can. Creating 3D stuff isn't possible usually, so I write tools, or once, I even wrote a book (named Die Wiederentdeckung der Erde).

Last year, because I was frustrated with the absurd assertions of our local politicians, I programmed the simulation of a state. So that I could for example change the VAT tax rate of Austria, and see what would happen then. It turned out to be quite fun, so I added a user interface to it, and extended it a bit. The result is the Government Simulator:

A simple economic and political simulation game. I will polish it up a bit and release it soon. Here is another shot:

Do you know the "Kill All The Poor" sketch by Mitchell and Webb? This one here:

I wanted to create a simulation just like that. Sounded like fun. There are a lot of features already in that game, and although I haven't written a "Kill all the poor" option, it would be possible. Not sure if I should though.

Anyway, if you think this is a good idea, subscribe to the newsletter of that game to get a mail once it is finished, or tell me in the comments of what you think, or what you would like to have in a game like this. Any feedback is welcome!

PostCollapse 1.14 update: create your own buildings

I uploaded a new update of PostCollapse to Steam last weekend, which adds the most requested feature so far: The possibility to create own buildings from scratch. Previously, you could only take an existing building and modifiy them.

The game engine wasn't designed initially to support a feature like this, so there are constraints where you can place new buildings. The game will show red markers when you try to build the platform where this is not possible, like too close to another existing building, or on a tile border. In a future update, maybe it will be possible to lift these restrictions, but let's see.

Hope the people playing this game will like it.