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Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64

The game Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64 has a cool retro look. I played it for a few hours already, and it was fun. Hope it will be released soon:

It's being created with CopperCube by ishmaru. There is now also a trailer available. Yay.

Website update and communities

I just updated the CopperCube game engine website a bit: Added new free actions and behaviors like "Read specfic line" (just_in_case) and "If below sea level" (Bracer ), added new screenshots, updated a few texts here and there, and we also have https support now:

Did you know that there is also now a quite active CopperCube community website named MarshTownMadness? They also have a lot of downloadable plugins, models and extensions of CopperCube. Probably worth a visit.

I'm wondering what the added https-Switch did to our search ranking. The first days where this was available, the traffic went down a bit. There was also a certificate issue for a few days where some very old Android Devices were grading the website as unsecure, wrongly. That's fixed now, but I'm still leaving the http and https website existing side-by-side. Also not sure if this is a good idea.


Waking up. Everything cold. Checking heat pump. System says "everything bad". Checking error code. Checking outdoor unit. Marderschaden! (=Damaged by a weasel!) That's new.

Reparing. Yay! Working again. Saved roughly 300-500 euro in costs (and a weekend with only cold water!), and the wife is complaining that I cut her 2 Euro USB-cable for that. Argl.