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I recently came across Gnomoria, a "village management game". I especially liked the graphics style. It seems to be a bit like "Dwarf Fortess", and never having played that one, I now finally also see what that game is about. The developer also claims that the game has been influenced by Dungeon Keeper, so it can't be bad! :)

The game is currently in alpha, but can be preordered and is in playable state already (unlike some specific zombie shooters which even made it to steam while hard working indie games won't...). Gnomoria will be using irrKlang, btw. :)

Ambiera Winter Discount

I do this every year, but usually not at the exact same date. This year, it's from now until Sunday this week: The yearly Ambiera Winter discount is in effect. You can get some of the software I work on for 20% less. This year, it's for CopperCube, WebsitePainter, DiagramPainter and irrFuscator.

A lot of people already got used to this, and were asking me whether and when I would do it this year. Well, now you know! :)

Solar Tournament - WebGL Multiplayer Game

Johannes Hoppe created a multiplayer WebGL game based on the Asteroid Demo Game I once wrote for showing off CopperLicht, when most people didn't know WebGL existed at all (and also when it didn't work in any browser yet :) ).

The name of his game is Solar Tournament. It is also open source, here is the SolarTournament gitHub repository, Johannes put everything under the zLib.