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Opera Mobile Emulator Released

Opera just released their Mobile Emulator for free. It emulates their mobile Opera browser on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X PC, for multiple devices, like the Samsung Galaxy, HTC Wildfire / Desire / Hero / etc, LG Optimus One, Motorola Xoom and numerous others. I just tried it out, and it works great. Quite a simple way to test how your websites will look like on those devices. I think it is a must-have for web developers.

Apparently, there is also a way to make it run with Opera Dragonfly, their web debugger which recently also reached version 1.0. I haven't tried it out yet in combination with the emulator, but also Dragonfly kicks ass. Unfortunately, I've recently got used to the integrated debugger in Google Chrome which does basically the same, but somehow appears to be a bit faster. I think the reason is that in Chrome, the debugger is written in C++, while in Opera, the Dragonfly frontend (at least) is done using JavaScript and feels a bit slower. But still, Dragonfly has a few features which are missing in Chrome, so I might switch back again.

Anyway, try the Opera Mobile Emulator, it's great. Hm, do I have to create a mobile version of all my websites now? :)

Puzzle Moppet

Puzzle Moppet is a 3D puzzle game made with Irrlicht. There is a demo available for Windows and Linux, and it has nice graphics.

I haven't had time to try it out myself unfortunately, but it looks like fun.

Interface Design Thoughts

Designing interfaces for software is hard, especially if your software again is for designing interfaces. :) I'm not a fan of modal dialogs and message boxes, so a lot of stuff in my products CopperCube and WebsitePainter tries to avoid these, in the hope of making the product simpler to use. Recently, I wanted to add a 'Navigation Menu' element to WebsitePainter, and thought about an interface to edit it. Navigation menus are complicated beasts, and it's difficult to provide an easy way to change them. The best solution for this I came across is the forms editor in Visual Studio. So I went a similar way, and the result was this:

No dialog, no tree control, no property window, no context menu to edit the menu. Simply type in the view where you see it. Nice. The nice side effect is also that you can easily set the font and text color of each single item directly in the editor and see the change immediately, and even change the style of each entry individually. It was quite a lot of work to extend the WebsitePainter editor with all the features needed for this, but I think it was worth it.
I still have to test and tweak it a bit, but this will be available in the next update of WebsitePainter.

Low Cost Productivity Upgrade

My new internet connection is a bit slow. Not unusable, but definitely not that blazing fast as I was used to from my previous one. The new one was planned to be temporarily only, but I noticed that with a slightly slower internet connection, my productivity has risen quite a bit. Let's see, maybe I'll continue to use the slower one for now. :)

Moving Nearly Complete

Somehow everything takes longer than expected. But basically, my company's office has moved now. The bureaucratic part hasn't been finished yet unfortunately. You wont believe what you have to do in Austria in order to move your office from one federal state to another one, although you simply relocated a few kilometers to the west. At least the new, nice view from my office compensates this:

No longer a view plastered with concrete walls as in the city of Vienna, but trees, green and even a small hill. Great! :)