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Molehill now public, CopperCube 2.5 released with support for it

Adobe just made the hardware accelerated Flash API publically available as beta, its code name is 'Molehill'. The 3D editor CopperCube has been released in version 2.5 at the same time, and it supports this already. I also created a small demo using Molehill:

You can view the demo here. There is also a youtube video of it. All in all, it opens great possibilities. Real, fast 3D running in flash applications. Nice :)

Elder Scrolls Soundtrack

Oddly, the thing I'm most excited about of the upcoming Skyrim release at the end of this year is that its soundtrack is again based on the Elder Scrolls theme. Also loved the Oblivion 'tes4title' theme. After playing hundreds of hours with this sound in the background, I still can't get enough of it. :)


WTF, sending a .zip file with a couple of .dll files (such as irrKlang.dll) to a gmail adress won't work. GMail will reject that mail. It will also reject .lib files. Ah, and these as well:

"ade", "adp", "bat", "chm", "cmd", "com", "cpl", "dll", "exe", "hta", "ins", "isp", "jse", "lib", "mde", "msc", "msp", "mst", "pif", "scr", "sct", "shb", "sys", "vb", "vbe", "vbs", "vxd", "wsc", "wsf", "wsh".


John Doe

Funny blog post (by Caterina Fake of Flickr) with lots of very interesting comments by people having trouble with their names. Worth a read.

DukeNukem 3D in Flash

If you are looking forward for the close release of Duke Nukem Forever as much as I do, you probably already know the original Duke Nukem 3D. But if you never played it, here is maybe something for you: Tim12345 created a small flash 3d game using CopperCube. It is a very small demo, but gives quite a good feeling about how the game was like:

Controls: cursor keys or WASD to move, mouse to Look, E or space to shoot.

IMO, it is a nice tribute. There is also the corresponding thread in the CopperCube forum. Again, Tim didn't write any Actionscript for this and only used CopperCube behaviors for the game. :)


Irrlicht.Net is a new .NET wrapper based on Irrlicht 1.7.2. When I stopped developing the original Irrlicht.NET a few years ago a lot of people were sad because of that, so this new wrapper started by Martin Risell-Lilja will probably make a few people happy again. :)

WebGL released, finally

Finally, the first browser with enabled WebGL has been released today: Chrome 9 has just been released, and WebGL is now on by default. This means that a lot of people now will be able to see and use 3D WebGL applications in websites. If you have chrome 9, here are some WebGL demos for you. Nice!

Duty Calls

Just came across the game Duty Calls. If you've ever played Call of Duty, it's worth a look. The game is quite short and probably takes longer to download than to play, so you can also see the whole gameplay here:

Great work :)