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A better place

I just calculated that for what we spend on the so called 'financial crisis' every year since 2007, each country in the world (there are ~192 countries) could run three own NASA like space programs. Three NASAs for every country in the world. Maybe we should somehow get rid of all those banksters, and the world would be a better place.

Awesome Hacker

After overcoming various troubles caused by the GNU build system for building a specific library, I was confused that the library finally was built, but nowhere to be found. A bit of investigation revealed that the library indeed was ready, but intentionally moved into a hidden directory by the script. For whatever reason. But it is always great spending senseless hours in the command line. With all the scrolling cryptic lines of strange text, for average people passing by it looks like you are an awesome hacker.

Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem Forever with same music?

Two interesting videos have been revealed lately: The Duke Nukem Forever Trailer (yes! it finally will be released, incredible, btw) and the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Trailer. But am I the only one noticing that both use the same music? There are multiple themes in both videos, but the main theme is exactly the same song on both videos. Strange.

What If the US Collapses?

Just read this article: What If US Collapses? Soviet Collapse Lessons Every American Needs To Know. Although from 2006, it's still up-to-date and quite interesting and shows what might happen if the USA collapses, comparing to what happened when the USSR collapsed. Doesn't look too good, but who knows, maybe it won't collapse too soon after all.

This is a test post, please ignore

Currently testing bitplane's Irrlicht website update automatic rss syndication with this blog post. Does it work?

CopperCube 2.2.3 and CopperLicht 1.3.3 released

I just released CopperCube 2.2.3 and CopperLicht 1.3.3.
Both releases include quite a lot of changes and new features. In CopperCube for example includes editor improvements such as viewports for cameras and scaling in all direction by holding down shift, improved first person shooter camera control for Flash and WebGL (looking by moving mouse as discussed on this blog already), lots of various enhancements to actions and behaviors,
access to CopperCube variables via Actionscript, JavaScript and Squirrel, possibility to jump in first person cameras, improved performance for collision dection and response, bug fixes such as improvements in several file format importers (.3ds, .obj, .dae, .dxf, .cob and .lwo) and much more.
The CopperLicht release includes all these improvements, but only for the WebGL side, of course. Happy downloading.

New WebGL Quake map demo

I just created a new Quake 3 demo for WebGL. It features the new control method with the mouse which I blogged about earlier, the possibility to jump using space, heavily improved collision detection and response (performance much better now) and faster 3D rendering.
The latest Firefox 4 beta 9 has a problem with its z-buffer (its precision is much too low, I guess they are now using 16 bit by default now?), but fortunately, you won't notice this in this new demo.

Unusual Bug Report

As developer, you are used to receive bug reports in all forms. Sometimes they are detailed and useful, in most cases not. Sometimes they are angry, sometimes funny. But I've never before received a bug report like I received it yesterday:

It is in comic form. A high resolution pdf with 3 pages of self made comic, describing the bug. Kudos to shmilblick for this original idea. It not only made me laugh, but also described a bug which I was able to reproduce in no time. :)

Castlevania tribute in Flash and 3D

Tim12345 did it again: He created a new interactive 3d game entirely in CopperCube, including 6 levels. It's a tribute to a popular game from 1986, but now in 3D:

Controls: cursor keys to move, mouse to Look, space to shoot.

There is also a corresponding thread in the CopperCube forum. Nice work! BTW: there is a successor to the original Castlevania available currently, named Castlevania : Lords of Shadow.

Planet Hunters

Ever wanted to discover a planet? You can do this now: www.planethunters.org
You only need to mark dots in the lightcurves of stars on this website, and you can discover exoplanets with this. You will even get the credit if you find a planet. This is not a web game, but real. It's great in so many ways.