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My first Facebook Application

I just created my first Facebook Application. I checked out the Facebook API out of curiosity, and it seems to be quite powerful. So I made Darkness Springs into a Facebook application. You can now play it on facebook, and the game will from time to time post your current progress on your wall (if you like):

A bit senseless, but that's how facebook games work, I guess. :) Any feedback welcome. You can play the game here on Facebook.

Darkness Springs Update

After a lot of time, finally, I updated my little pet game Darkness Springs a bit. One of the notable new features is the new website, here is a comparison to the old one:

Shouldn't be to difficult to tell which one of these the old website is. :)

But the game itself has been updated as well, with the most requested features: There is now a main menu, a short intro explaining what is going on, an ingame map, the possibility to teleport back to the village, a realtime updated highscore list and a lot more.
And additionally, I made a german version available: I sat down and translated all the texts in the game to german. Took much longer than I expected. But now, if the .swf detects if you are running on a german system, the game will be in german as well. Hope this was worth the effort at all :)

How to afford an indie game

Oh no! An indie developer has decided to release his game at the unaffordable price of $15. How to afford an indie game. Read on.

Galcon Fusion relesaed

Galcon Fusion is now available for PC, Mac, Linux, also via Steam. It's a multi-player galactic arcade-strategy game where you can conquer the universe by sending swarms of ships to defeat enemy planets:

It uses irrKlang as Audio Library. Nice. :)

Irrlicht 1.7.1 and irrKlang 1.3.0 out now

One afternoon, two releases: I just packaged and uploaded Irrlicht 1.7.1 as well as irrKlang 1.3.0.
All users of irrlicht 1.7 should update to this new version, because it also fixes a severe bug in the aabbox collision test which causes reduced rendering speed. Same for the irrKlang release: It doesn't only add the often requested possibility to capture the mixed output audio data, but also fixes a bug causing irrKlang not to work on 64 bit linux systems.

Details of the irrlicht release can be read here. Thanks to the Irrlicht Team for creating this release again.

3D Test Interview with me

3D-Test did a short interview with me about CopperLicht. Nothing surprising, but if you are bored and don't find nothing to read.. :) I also talk a bit about my company Ambiera, 3D in Flash and WebGL.

Opera 10.5 faster than Google Chrome 5

Looks like Opera 10.5 beta is 29% faster than the current fastest browser, Google Chrome 5, according to this test. Dear Opera team, great work! Looking forward to the release.

Shiny yellow helps

Wondered why about 80% of all people subscribing to the Ambiera newsletter didn't click the link in the confirmation mail they receive (double opt-in, demanded by law here in Austria). Now framed the info text in a big yellow rectangle:

Please Note: the confirmation mail may be found in your [Spam] folder.

Now the 80% fail rate dropped to 10%. Nice.

Another new reason why your JavaScript doesn't work

When I released CopperLicht a few days ago, it didn't work on some Mac OS X systems, but this has been fixed now. So what could possible make a JavaScript library which works perfectly on Windows and Linux not work in the same browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on Mac OS X?

CopperLicht uses WebGL to render 3d graphics, and uses GLSL shaders to do this. GLSL shaders are simple programs which are sent to the graphics drivers, which then compiles these and runs them on the GPU. One of the major benefits of GLSL is, as quoted from the Wikipedia page:

Cross platform compatibility on multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

But since I now found and fixed the bug which caused CopperLicht not to work on MacOSX, I can say this statement is not true. Different graphics driver, different shader features you can use. Appearently the compilers in different graphic drivers currently don't even agree if you can multiply a vec4 with an integer or not. Which caused CopperLicht to tragically fail on Mac OS X systems with a driver which didn't want you to multiply vec4's with integers.

Great, so I guess testing if your javaScript works on different browsers now has been taken to the next level. You also need to check operating systems and installed graphic drivers!

Anyway, so if you are going to write a game using WebGL in JavaScript, you can circumvent this by using a 3d engine like CopperLicht. The engine developers (== me) will be taking care of this :)

Backwards compatibility? Ha.

I've heard when you have a Mac, you have to pay for everything, even for updates. But all I want is a WebGL enabled web browser:

Message:'You cannot use this application with this version of Mac OS X'

Even FireFox/MineField refuses to start (doesn't even have the mercy to tell you why). Safari starts but disables WebGL. Hmpf.

CopperLicht Released

I just released the first version of CopperLicht, a new 3D engine implemented completely in JavaScript. It runs entirely in the browser and uses WebGL. (WebGL is a new 3d drawing API which is supposed to be supported in the next generation of web browsers.) Doesn't sound too awesome maybe, but look what CopperLicht can do:

Basically, it is pretty fast and can render huge maps like here a full quake 3 level in playable speeds. (If you notice, this one is the quake map from the Irrlicht SDK). You can try out the demo yourself here.

CopperLicht is free to use. You can use CopperCube as world editor, so you can edit your worlds in 3d and write your game with CopperLicht. The API of CopperLicht is pretty easy to understand, and if you ever tried out Irrlicht, you'll notice that those are very similar. The SceneGraph and Material API is nearly the same, and loading textures and extending the engine works very similar as in Irrlicht.

CopperCube has been released in a new version as well now, it now also supports publishing its 3D scenes as WebGL, using CopperLicht of course.

This is the first release of CopperLicht, and it's an alpha version, so if you have any suggestions, comments, feature requests and similar, please don't hesitate. :)

Irrlicht 1.7 released

Irrlicht 1.7 is out now. Some of the new features are:

Happy downloading!

Another One: Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

It's always fun and interesting for me to see products using my software, so I'd like to share this game as well: 1morebee's Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers has recently been released and is currently on the 2nd position on iWin's top10 list. It looks like this:

Not quite my personal type of game, but from the gameplay video, it looks like fun. Seems like gardening and farming games are currently in, hm?
Update: Forgot to mention which software the games uses. irrKlang, it is.