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Flash 3D game - test with source code

After somebody suggested this in the comments of this blog, I thought about creating a 3D version of Darkness Springs. Maybe this would be fun, and it also would be quite easy with the flash 3D engine of Coppercube. So I sat down and tried to create a small test:

This small demo has been created with Coppercube and the full Actionscript 3 source can be downloaded from the 3d flash demo page on ambiera.com.

This was just a small test (the enemies are not moving and not dying), but it seems to be fast enough to be playable. So should I have some time in the near future and don't know anything better to do, I might start creating a 3D version of the RPG, would be fun.


I don't think it is a good sign if someone sitting in the German Bundessortenamt comes to my blog after searching for earthquake weapon.

Monkey Island Memorial Day

Not only because I announced the previous event on this blog already as well, here is a short reminder: The monkey island memorial day, basically a pirate style party happening here in Vienna is scheduled for the 23rd of May.
This year, this will take place in 4 (!) locations in Vienna. See you there. Arrr.

How to create a multiplayer 3D game (Raknet and Irrlicht)

Kevin Jenkis, author of the network engine RakNet created a demo which shows how to use Irrlicht and Raknet together to create a multiplayer 3D game.
You can download the demo here.
Basically, it's the original Irrlicht TechDemo with a multiplayer part added to it. You can run two instances if you want to connect to yourself. The sources can be downloaded from the sourceforge subversion server.


I didn't know CGDigg until some hours ago. Maybe because I'm a programmer and not a graphic artist, but I really like the layout of the website and its content. For example: I didn't know that TerraGen 2 is out already. :)

CopperCube Beta released

The first beta version of CopperCube is now available for download at ambiera.com. CopperCube is a 3D engine for Flash, but can also create standalone hardware accelerated windows .exe files if wished.

There are not many features yet, but you can create 3D scenes for flash and windows already, and script them using ActionScript or Squirrel, so basically, there is not much you can't do with it.

Also, if you know irrEdit, you'll notice that the 3D editor of CopperCube is based on it, but I redesigned a lot of its user interface, like the 3D tools and the material editing tab. Looking forward for feedback and (hopefully not that much) bug reports. :)

Space Quest in JavaScript

On sarien.net, you can play some of the old Sierra adventure games directly in your browser. Doesn't need a plugin, it's simple JavaScript. Available are: 'Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter', 'Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel', an 'Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards'. They also explain how they converted the code to JavaScript, quite interesting. The only drawback is that they seem to have added a multiplayer part: When you are in a location, you see a lot of other players, which is pretty confusing and doesn't make any sense at all.

Some performance improvements

I was working a bit on the performance of the CopperCube 3D engine for flash recently, and it now has become a bit faster already. I had a tough time with this demo here for example, which still will run fast only on new hardware but is already at least usable on older systems:

Also, I nearly removed the Z-Ordering problems as shown in older demos, but if you take a closer look at the demo above, they are still there. Flash doesn't have a Z-Buffer, and I'll have to program a more sophisitcated workaround for this in the future. But before, I think I'll release a Beta version of CopperCube, probably next week, if everything works well.

Automaton Bloopers

Christopher Olaussen used irrlicht for his 'Automaton Bloopers' demo at the Gathering 2009. Nice.


Last weekend I tried out Braid, an unusual platform puzzle game created by an indy developer. First, it seems like a Super Mario Bros clone with a nice art style (and I thought: "why on earth are all people saying this game is sooo great!? It's a ****ing jump'n'run!?"), but after the first few levels, or when you died the first time, you'll notice that Braid is very different: It's all about time manipulation and solving brain hurting puzzles which is very entertaining. Also, the music in the game is absolutely nice.

You can download the braid demo for example from Greenhouse.

Designing Programming Interfaces

I don't think I'm going to use twitter anytime soon myself, but from time to time I am clicking through some linked tweets, and some days ago I came across this line:

why is it that good APIs are harder to write than good code?

(via Steve's OGRE Dev Tweets). That's soo right. Basically, you have to design the interfaces, think about them, rework everything, test them yourself and do this all over again. That is, if you really want to have some simple-to-use but still powerful, generic and extensible interfaces. Currently I'm doing this with the Actionscript 3 interface for CopperCube, but I think after now some iterations I have found a nice solution.

Game Sountrack Quiz 5

Ok, here's the 5th game sound track quiz. I am quite impressed by you, the readers of this blog: Until now, every single sound snippet has been recognized by you within a few hours. Time to change this. Here are a few seconds of a sound track of a very good game:

Press the 'play' button to listen to the music. Which game is it?
I guess this is really hard to recognize because the game is not that popular and more than 10 years old. But don't hesitate to post a few guesses.

3D Collision and Physics in Flash

I uploaded a new demo of CopperCube, the 3D engine for flash I am working on. This time it is graphically not very impressive (because of my poor modelling skills), but technically maybe still a bit interesting:

(Click on the image to start this as demo)

You can walk around in that room, collide with walls and walk up stairs. A simple collision system, but because a lot of people call this 'physics' already I named it that way as well [gravity is involved after all ;)]. Also notice that the engine has become a bit faster since I posted the first demo.
And additionally: How do you like the new Ambiera website?